Friday, February 10, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Just like any of you makeup geeks and lovers out there... I was really curious before I get to try out these lip butters.

I was supposed to run out to Midvalley to pick up these last week but since I was in a rush, I didn't manage to pick up anything.

Yesterday, I was at Guardian and coincidentally, saw these lip butters!

As expected, I tried all of the shades because for sure I know I won't be picking up all of them since I have tons of unused lipsticks and lip glosses.

I was excited over Peach Parfait because most of you out there went crazy over this shade. I tried it on myself and upon looking into the mirror, I was shocked that this shade looked sooooo freaking glittery and shimmery on my lips! The shimmer and glitter were sooooo crazy! Even after I wiped it off my lips, the shimmer and glitter remained around my lips until I washed it off with water.

I'm not sure how about shades are there available in Malaysia but I did see 8 different shades at Guardian yesterday.

Priced at RM24.90 each, I wouldn't say it's very expensive nor cheap. It's kinda OKAY for me, I think.

So, after trying out each shade, I managed to pick my top 3 favourite shades! Here are the swatches!

Well... I am not sure about the moisturizing effect or anything like that since I have yet to try this product out for the whole day since I don't own any of them. So, I won't be reviewing or telling you about what I think of these products just yet.

I'll be purchasing the above shades once I am done with my current lips' products.

Anyway, my holiday is coming to an end soon - I shall be returning to KL tomorrow night... Time to face reality!


Isabel said...

I have not tried these yet =( I did see a 'generous amount' of glitter in some on9 swatches though

Angel Valerie said...

Yes, that's what happened to Peach Parfait. Don't think I'll go with it though.

As for the three that I like, they're generally well... less glittery if I were to compare.