Saturday, February 4, 2012

Post CNY trauma

I don't think I need to tell you all that CNY is coming to an end in just 2 more days, right?

Gosh, time really sizzles!

It feels just like yesterday when I told stupid sister to clean up the whole house and to get things ready for the parents' arrival. In an eye blink, bah... 2 more days to go before CNY 2012 Year of Dragon will officially end. Sad, right? Holiday no more...

Anyway, here are few picture taken during CNY. Please bear in mind, I don't look like that 24/7 because there are times when I am just too lazy to put make-up or dress nicely.

Those pictures were taken at The Westin, KL because my beloved cousin came all the way from Australia and treated us to nice CNY lunch there.

Oh, the cute little girl in the picture? No, she is not my daughter. She's my niece - all the way from Sydney - say hello to Helena!

It was uber tiring because I had to drive our parents around and from as early as 7am until night! So, after lunch at The Westin, we headed back home for a rest before dolling ourselves up for another yum yum event at Ritz Carlton courtesy of my brother.

I was told to 'dress up' and to 'make-up.' LOLX! As if I need to be reminded to do those stuffs. Hahaha... Well, I guess that means I am ageing not gracefully.

I did not manage to take pictures on the second, third, fourth and fifth day of CNY because heck... Year of the Dragon surely means getting busy, busy, busy for me. I really was rushing my arse off doing so many stuffs as early as January this year!

I guess Year of the Dragon sure promises a lot of good fortunes because a lot of married friends are trying to conceive this year I also want but no husband or boyfriend.

As for me, it means time to face reality because I will be thrown into the harsh working world like REAL soon. I know, sucks, right?

It's like, every morning, I will wake up to uncertainties in life... these include...

  1. Where to find my dream job?
  2. Where do I intend to settle down?
  3. What grade will I get for my thesis?
  4. Where to find my Mr. Right?
  5. How am I gonna earn enough to pay my student loan as well as to make a living?

It totally sucks to be me right now.

I am sorry if I don't update regularly these days... I've really been so, so busy, packing my things because I need to send these unused stuffs back to my hometown since I am planning to head south to find a job. Hence, all these stuffs can't be brought together with me.

P.S. I am heading home now and waiting to board the flight!

Once I've settled everything back at my hometown, I promise there will be more reviews and updates coming along.

Anyway, my lappie's battery is about to die, so... until then, tata people. Stay happy and healthy!

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