Saturday, February 18, 2012

The annoying wait

I guess I haven't really have the urge to blog or review about any beauty related products lately.

No, I have not been busy but now, this is the case of being extraordinarily free. The excuse - no inspiration or anything, hence... I don't have a single clue what I should blog about. Well... on the other hand, I am trying to limit myself from purchasing too much stuffs since yeah... I plan on leaving KL for good, so... I need to restrain myself from shopping these days. However, I do have some products in hand that I'd like to share with you all but then again... we shall leave that for another day.

So, right now... what I am doing for life is - WAIT.

It is sad but true - wait.

Waiting for my result is like the darnest and most-est annoying thing on Earth that has ever been bestowed upon me!

The thing is... since I don't intend to stay on for good, I can't apply for jobs here. Then again, if my result is gonna come out in a month's time, I can't possible do any tutoring or stuffs like that because nobody wanna hire a part timer for just one month!

Annoying, right?

I am getting more and more depression from staying at home while facing four walls.

Gawd, when is this gonna end?

Sighs... I wish I could have taken more pictures to share with everyone but lately, I haven't have the mood to camwhore or even take nice pictures of anything.

All of a sudden, it does feel like I have no aim in life but well... I guess there are people going through the same thing like me. It's just a matter of time before I get my result and hopefully, I'll get a job out of the country.

I don't hate KL, it's just that... I get bored of this place.

For once, I just want to run away from my responsibilities for a while and do what I've wanted to do since 3.5 years ago.

Therefore... everyone, please wish me luck and pray for me!

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