Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MIA redefined and my Christmas

First of all, Happy New Year 2012 to all you wonderful people out there!

I am so sorry that the greetings come late.

No, I am not dead and I am very much alive and kicking.

It's only that I was away for the past few days and couldn't get internet to update this blog, hence, it explains why I've been away!

Yeah, I've spent my wonderful New Year of 2012 at Singapore!

I will update on my trip later because I am trying to rush to finish what I've started - thesis! I'll write a section on how to plan for a budget trip to Singapore and this especially applies if you're from a country like Malaysia and the conversion rate is SGD$1 to RM2.445 or something like that.

Anyway, that's for another day.

Christmas was okay, nothing special because stupid sister and I spent it in the church. Yeah, now, I should ditch the Christmas clock at my sidebar already because FML, I didn't meet up with Joel in Singapore and I was a little devastated over the whole issue. Well, it doesn't matter now.

Best of all, I got the best Christmas present from my brother this year and guess what's inside this paper bag?

You are right, it is from MAC Cosmetics!


I couldn't believe it when I took my present out, I was half expecting my brother to have bought the new Glitter and Ice eyeshadow palette. To be honest, I don't quite fancy that collection because well... they look kinda cheap.


It's one of the items from my wishlist - MAC 109 Brush!!!


I swear, I went breathless for a while... I checked out the price for this brush at MAC outlet in Midvalley a year ago and was appalled by it's price - RM120-ish. Imagine having to pay RM120 for a brush... I changed my mind even though I do know that good brushes do wonder!

So... there I was... happy as a little lamb!!!

All of a sudden, I felt so touched because yeah... even though my brother and I quarreled a lot, he understands me quite well like what I want, what I like and I bet he checked out my blog before he bought this present!

Hahahahahaha... it's not a bad thing to own a blog after all...

The brush is so, so soft that you wouldn't even believe how soft it is... I shall talk about this brush in a separate entry.

Alright, I think I shall make an abrupt stop here because I am feeling so, so tired and sleepy and bah... no mood to blog.

Don't worry, more reviews coming up soon!

Happy New Year for once again and may this year be blessed for everyone!

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