Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be-early CNY surprises

Whatever the reason is, I think blogspot doesn't like me. Just look at the disorientated uploaded pictures! Cacat, I know, right? Anyway... it doesn't really matter much though.

Two weeks ago, I went to pick up my parcel at the post office

I was thoroughly surprised to see my belated Christmas present! LOLX! Guess what came in the parcel?

It's this baby!

NYX Haute Jersey Leopard Culture! No joke, no joke! I was mad in love with the packaging the first time I saw it because I love anything gold because I am materialistic.

The moment I unboxed and opened it, again, I fell in love...

Isn't it gorgeous? Packed with 24 eyeshadows, 3 bronzers, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter and 2 lip glosses, how can you resist it? You can actually take this baby with you for a short trip without having to worry you don't bring enough makeup products.

I have not try out the eyeshadows or anything in the palette yet, so, I can't comment much as for now. Yes, no mistake, I have been exceptionally busy with my asshole thesis that almost takes 20 out of 24 hours of my everyday life. Even when I dream, I dream of my thesis!

Anyway, shan't talk about my thesis much here because... bestie came back from Glasgow just recently and look what she has brought back for me!

At first glance, you'll be thinking, what kinda packaging is that - yellow and blue - looks so transformer-ish. LOLX! Hahahaha...

When I took out the bar inside, OMG... it's from Lush!!!

And the soap is called Angels Delight - no wonder! Me Delight, Angels Delight, geddit, geddit?

I am so, so grateful because I've been dying to get my hands on Lush products for so damn long already but well... financial problems forever hold me back!

Now, I can haz Lush!

Thank you so much, BFF!!!

Other that Lush, I did ask her to get several stuffs for me. I bet you girls are gonna drool over it soon! Hahaha.

Drooling yet? You know what? The MUA eyeshadows are gorgeous and best of all, they're retailing for 1 pound each at leading UK drugstores.

No swatches or anything yet because I am still busy trying to straighten things out!

Now, the highlight of the day!

The long awaited Sleek Primer Palette!

I'm gonna end abruptly as for now because I am damn sleepy.

Goodnight, people!

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