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Singapore through my eyes

I hate to say this again but blogger is indeed toying on my patience. Does anyone know how can I flip the uploaded pictures horizontally? Blogger tends to flip in vertically whenever I upload certain pictures and I don't freaking know why!

Whatever the reason is... please help!

This is an overdue entry of my trip to Singapore actually. I've been procrastinating to blog about it since it's close to CNY and I've been doing shopping, shopping and more shopping! Looks like after this, I am really gonna pronoun myself bankrupt!

Honestly, I didn't really plan my trip - it was abrupt and due to my fucked up thesis-writing schedule, I didn't have the chance to sit down and properly plan my trip. Pretty insane, right? I went there without knowing the MRT routes or even places I wanted to go.

It just happened like, 29th December 2011, boarded plane at LCCT to Singapore at 7.10am. The flight took one hour - I bumped into a coursemate of mine on the flight, how cool was that?

As soon as the flight landed, bah... I was supposed to wait for my soulmate to meet me at Changi Airport but due to her hectic workload, she told me she could only make it to meet me around 2pm.

I am not so much of someone who's patient and willing to wait, hence, without letting her know, I wandered about Changi Airport and found my way to MRT. I bought my EZ Link, which was something like Malaysian version of Touch n' Go. Then, I moved about Singapore City on my own with my luggage.


Eventually, I found the way to the hostel I've booked a week in advance - Prince of Wales @ Boat Quay.

Since it was too early to check in, I left my luggage there and went about for a walk. Then, about an hour later, I've decided that I wanted to online. Excitedly, yeah, excitedly, I went to the Starbucks nearby my hostel only to find out - Starbucks Singapore, why you no internet?

Yes, right, no internet.

Apparently, everyone in Singapore was subscribed to 3G at the time I was visiting because according to a friend, Wi-Fi serves no purpose in Singapore. Hey, Singapore should think of tourists like me, no 3G and no nothing.

Roaming was like CRAZY EXPENSIVE with Maxis!!!

Thus, I went back to my hostel and decided to get a nap.

Mad crazy because I over-napped until 3pm!!!

I woke up in a hurry because I was supposed to meet BFFs Mimi and Christine at Bugis Junction. Soulmate was late too. After that, we spent like almost 2 hours trying to locate this iBackpackers @ Lavender. We went to Bugis Junction after soulmate checked into her hostel.

Dinner at this don't-know-what-name-ramen-restaurant with soulmate and BFFs.

Thank you Mimi and Christine for the wonderful dinner and company! Will definitely buy you guys great meals once I've started earning enough to survive! Hahaha.

After dinner and shopping, shopping, in which I returned to my hostel empty-handed, I fell asleep like immediately after shower.

Crazy tired!

The next day, met up with Mimi again for lunch and thanks to her that we got free lunch courtesy of her boss. LOLX!

Me, being super muka tembok!

Hahaha... Free is a magical word if you don't know!

After that, guess where did we go?

Judging from the picture above, I am pretty sure you all know where this place is!!!

If you don't know, here's another clue!

Yes, baby, we went to Ion Orchard, the infamous Ion Orchard, I've set my feet there already! I made my purchase of the day at Forever 21. LOLX! I know, I know, you guys will be wondering why the heck would I shop there when KL has Forever 21 too, right?

The price of the dress I've gotten, after conversion was like RM20 cheaper, so, worth it or not?


Met up with Steven and Vincent after that. Courtesy of both of the guys, soulmate and I didn't pay for dinner again, yay! Hahahaha... We went to Chinatown for dinner.

Honestly, if you were to ask me, I'd say food in Malaysia is so much better - the taste, the sensation and the price! Food in Singapore is similar to what we have here but theirs of course is in Singaporean dollar. So, moral of the story - don't spend too much on food there because in Malaysia, you can get exactly same food with MUCH BETTER taste at a portion of the price!

Oh, below is a picture of me and the Mango Ice Kacang. No, I wasn't obsessed with it because I know you can definitely find more delicious dessert within Malaysia but picture-taking has forever been touristy kinda thing.

Hence, the session of me-food camwhore was obligatory. Hahahaha... Ice Kacang looked crooked in the picture above though.

We advanced to Marina Bay Sands after dinner for a water performance suggested by Vince. Soulmate and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

~ No, these two did not look interesting ~

Oh, BBF? That was his gay partner of the day, Steven. LOLX! Hahahaha... They were intrigued with the water performance too. Just look at Steven's expression!

Now, for the REAL scenery of Singapore at night...

Sadly, the night came to an end too soon and right before we separated, I managed to grab a picture with my BBF, Vince!

Muka kena paksa!

At least he still smiled through it because he never really did yell or scream or shout at me for asking him to do things. I love my BBF so damn much! LOLX!

I had to get BBF to wake me up the next morning because I would be checking out at 11am and BBF called at 8.30pm - crazy early but we had a good phone conversation for an hour or so before I pestered him to meet me for lunch at Vivo City.

You have to believe me when I say I am good at pestering because you know what? BBF agreed even though he had a church service to attend to after lunch and he'd have to rush if he were to meet me. Hahaha. Am I too good or is it BBF being too easily bullied? Anyhow, I still love him.

Soulmate met up with me afterwards and we went to several places together! Oh, before that, since we had no idea what to have for breakfast, we decided to go to McD's.

Anyway, that's it about breakfast. We proceeded to walk around Boat Quay and Fullerton Hotel for a bit before adjourning to other places since it was my last day at Singapore.

Align Center
~ The infamous Merlion Park ~

Soulmate and I had the shittiest time trying to locate this park. We knew this park was nearby Boat Quay and Fullerton Hotel but FOL because we could see it from far but we couldn't reach it. We made a few turnings and only got there about an hour of walking.

Merlion Park, why you so difficult to reach?

Since we didn't want to waste our effort, we camwhored a lot with the merlion but I'm gonna show you just one picture because I am just too lazy to upload more pictures.

We walked back to MRT Raffles' Place because we were gonna go to Sentosa Island - yippee, for more than a thousand years, even though I literally am not a thousand years old, I've been wanting to visit Sentosa and now, my chance came!

Oh, we bought ice-cream on our way to MRT - look at my happy plus sweaty face.

Thus... our journey to Sentosa began...

Next stop, Vivo City...

In less than 20 minutes we got to Vivo City and BBF met us for late lunch - ramen, again. I bet Singaporeans do enjoy ramen, don't they?

Oh, before lunch, we went to the infamous USS!

Since I didn't wanna pay SGD$72 for USS' entrance, I didn't enter USS, instead, it was obligatory to camwhore outside USS, according to soulmate. Hahaha.

So, USS... the next time I am going to Singapore, I'll be sure to put you in my list of must-go-to places. Goodbye my hard earned moo-lah.

Vivo City for me, was just like our version of Jusco Equine Park or something like that. So, soulmate and I decided to leave for Bugis Junction again before I needed to get some souvenirs and stuffs for my sister and friends.

About 9pm, our stomachs were growling, since I was too lazy to think of what to eat, we went to MOS Burger. The last time I was at MOS Burger was in 2009, during my trip to Bangkok.

Malaysia, why you no MOS Burger?!

I have to admit I love MOS Burger more than McD's or KFC's. I don't know why. Maybe because they have rice burgers?

Yes, I am a typical Asian who can't survive without rice, so what?

Dinner was about SGD$13.80 for two because we shared the french fries and drinks. We weren't trying to be cheapskates but we were just trying to eat less since it was quite late already.

I was pretty sad, you know... it meant goodbye after dinner because I was gonna go to Changi Airport already since my flight back to KL was 6 in the morning. Luckily, soulmate tagged along with me and we kinda had our 2012 countdown at MRT Station. Hahahaha.

One final picture at Changi Airport.

Goodbye, Singapore, I am definitely gonna miss your for a bit but I promise I will be back for more! Muahahahaha...

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