Thursday, December 15, 2011

Velvety Christmas

Update 1 - I am finally done with all the findings in my thesis and finally, I'm proceeding to Chapter 5 so, after that, Imma gonna be free from all these tortures and sleepless nights!

Update 2 - I will be doing editing for my thesis from now on, so, wish me luck and pray for my success!

I have this habit of starting to pack my luggage two weeks prior to my trips to any places, especially if the trip is to places outta Malaysia - well, you have gotta get a lot of stuffs ready. If you don't know yet, you've gotta get your Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) converted and FML this is the only amount I've gotten after I converted RM650 into Singaporean Dollar!!!

~ Specimen only - I put designs on it because I can't find the correct sign ~

Go and figure out how much I have gotten if the conversion rate is RM2.468 to SGD$1. My housemate was asking me, "Arh, you only get SGD$250++ from RM650? Enough or not?"

Truth be said, it's not enough but again, truth be said the second time, it might be enough because I don't need to pay for accommodation. Now, comes the toughest part - mum warned me, "I warn you, NO SHOPPING allowed in Singapore!"

Okay, no cash - never mind, I'm sorry, mum, I'll use the cards instead. LOLX! Hahahaha... shhh... don't tell her about this...

Ah... Christmas is coming in another 10 more days.

So, are you feeling Christmassy yet?

If you have yet to feel so... here's something to inspire you with. A number of different Christmas looks with just one lipstick from the infamous Michelle.

So, I was inspired to re-create one of the fun lip looks from her tutorial.

*drums roll*

Taa daah... The velvet glimmer!

Please note that I am just trying to re-create this lip look with my own touch and I do not claim that I look like the talented Michelle Phan nor do I have the intention that my recreation would be 100% same as hers!

So, here goes...

Finally, I got to know where all the Hollywood superstars get their velvety shimmery lips from - just add a bit of gold eyeshadows to your red lips and voila - your lips will photograph really well and look prettier and fuller in real life!

If you have yet to watch Michelle's tutorial yet, here's the video!

Enjoy the remaining of the weekdays while I'll go and finish up my thesis now!

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