Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stage Cosmetics Holiday Look

You know what?

Stage Cosmetics should really sponsor me because I am doing this look using like 99% of the products from Stage. Hands down that Stage Cosmetics is one of my favourite makeup brands ever because their products are wonderful and best of all - affordable!

So, for this Christmas this year, this is the look I will be going for - bet I would be able to attract few attention in the church this year. Haha.

These are basically the products I've used.

Yes, I've used majority of the makeup products from Stage Cosmetics.

My plan is to do a neutral not-so-attention-seeking smokey brown eyes because I am planning to go for BOLD red lips. Okay, maybe just red without the bold word. LOLX!

On usual days, I always do my foundation and concealer routine before applying eye makeup unless I am going for all glittery glitters, then, foundation and concealer will come last. These are my HG face routine products.

Stage Picture Perfect Foundation in Doll
Stage Photo Pro Creme Camouflage
Stage Prime Time Eye Perfecting Base

After those liquidy liquid product, I will set the foundation and concealer with my favourite pressed powder from Clinique - well, not shown here.

The next step is to do my ugly and unruly eyebrows using Stage Eyebrow Pencil in Sesame.

After the brows, I will proceed to the eyeshadows. So, from what you can see in the first picture, I am only using 3 different colours.

Canary as the highlight and also to apply this on the inner half of the lids. I love canary. It isn't exactly a white shade but it has this tinge of yellowish finish to it.

The second shade is Bahamas which is a medium taupey shimmery brown.

I apply this shade on the outer lids of my eyes bringing it towards my crease to give an uummph effect.

The final shade is Espresso, which is like 2 to 3 shades darker than Bahamas - matte brown.

Espresso is used to darken the outer V for a more defined and dramatic look. I don't wanna be the center of attention for Christmas, hence, I'll go easy on it.

Then, it's time for eyeliner!

Stage Liquid Eyeliner is one of my all time favourites. The shape of your eyeliner depends on your personal preferences. I like to give the effect of bigger eyes, hence, I always extend the length of my eyes by using a liquid eyeliner.

After that, using an angled liner brush, dip it into Espresso to connect the eyeliner to the bottom lash line for a defined eyes.

Gah... so many steps just for a neutral look? Girls will forever be girls.

Finally, to get the glittery holiday look, I apply this glitter eyeliner on the lower lash line. Is it called lash line? Geez... I can't remember.

However, if you hate glitters - it's optional. I just thought I could add a touch of a more fun look by adding this into the look.

I always hate curling my eyelashes because they are almost invisible, hence, after mascara, I'll apply false lashes.

I couldn't find my more natural looking eyelashes, hence... well... you know, I know. Hahaha.

Second last step - choose your favourite shade of blush - mine is Snapdragon from Stage.

Finally - I have to fix my ugly hair. Bad hair days, they are always around - hahahaha...

So, here's the final look for the holiday season!

Oh, if you're wondering - I did not edit the pictures at all, so... expect an ugly me. LOLX!

Oh, ya... red lips - I love my Chanel lipstick!

Well... no Christmasy feel yet? How about adding another touch to it?

I stole Santa's hat!

I am pretty sure he's upset in the North Pole now, trying to search for his lost hat.

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