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Smoochie, smooch!

Update - NYX products can now be bought at Colours Cosmetics if you are from Malaysia and Singapore!

It's two more weeks to Christmas and I'm feeling great - feel like going shopping but then again, boh lui to spend because yes, I am saving for my Singapore trip. It has been 2 years since I last got out of Malaysia and I can't wait to visit Singapore!

*whistling smurf song*

Okay, as the title has said, this entry is gonna be all smoochie smooch, smooch!

It'll be an entry on lipsticks and lip glosses, so... if you're interested, read on because I will be adding my personal touch to those reviews you've read online because what I like may not be the same as others. At the end of the day, you will be your own judge.

P/S - Warning! Long entry with lotsa pictures ahead!

I am not particularly anal about lipsticks, lip glosses or even lip liners but then again, it doesn't mean I will put on every lipsticks out there in the market, especially from the night market where you can get tons of ciplak MAC products. LOLX! My lips are forever dry and sensitive so, if I go wrong with the lipsticks or anything, I'll get chapped lips the next day. Still... yeah, as long as the lipstick is moisturizing enough with average staying power, then, I'll be good with it.

I do believe every girl has her own HG lipsticks or anything. Well, I have mine and sad to say, it's kinda wasteful but then again, I always categorize my HG lipsticks into three different categories in accordance of their prices - affordable, average and high-end.

Let's take a look at what I have in my affordable range.

Affordable Lipsticks

Anything for me that is around RM5 to RM20 would be considered affordable because well... I don't really splurge on lipsticks since I get them FOC most of the times from my aunt and cousins. So, if I do buy lipsticks of the affordable range, it has to be under RM20!

My first choice would be Essence Lipsticks!

Well, these are basically what I have in my collection. I got two of them to try out initially and ended up liking the formula because they're QUITE moisturizing even though the lasting power isn't long - probably around 2 hours or so, then, you'd need to reapply.

Among the four shades that I have, I dig Frosted the most because it totally gives you the frosted lips that I love whenever I'm going for smokey eyes. I don't know about you but I kinda like frosted-looking lips with smokey eyes. It always gives the uumph effect that I want.

Here are pictures of these lipsticks applied on my lips. Please be warned I wasn't wearing any makeup that day because well... bad skin condition, hence, I've gotta go easy on makeup.

From what you can see in the pictures, there is a tinge of colour in every shade but the shades aren't pigmented enough if you were to compare to other brands but hey, with only RM9.90 for each lipstick, what else can you complain, right?
Essence Stay with Me Lip Gloss kinda does it job the BA claimed when I asked her the other day. She told me, "It'll stay with you as long as you don't eat or drink."

Right... no eating and no drinking will kill me! Hahahaha... but other than that, I'd say the staying power is probably around 2 hours too.

Best deal - it retails for RM9.90 as well.

I'd say this is not really the best lipgloss ever because it does feel sticky upon application and you all know no one likes sticky lip glosses.

Next up are lips' products from the infamous brand - NYX.

Go langgar dinding if you're among the online beauty social circle and you have yet heard about NYX. LOLX!

Those are the only NYX lips' products I own because I sold off my RLS in Strawberry Milk as it looked too pale on me.

Take a second look at the picture above - I can't believe I am almost done with Whipped and Sorbet - I can't wait to finish them. Hahaha. I didn't take pictures of these two lip glosses because Eki wears them all the times and she looks 100 or 200 times better than me with these lip glosses.

NYX Round Lipgloss has been discontinued in the official NYX website but you can still get them from ULTA, Cherry Culture or Nonpareil Boutique for around USD$2 each.

Check out my swatches!

Lemme start with the ultimate love from NYX lips' product - Lip Lacquer Pot. I kid you not when I say I love his lipgloss cum lipstick. I don't know whether this product is supposed to be a lipgloss or lipstick but anyhow, it works great on me!

It delivers the subtle pinkish glow any girl would love if you get the same shade as mine - Sweet Pea. Very moisturizing and best of all - I have yet to regret getting this product although I hate the inconvenient packaging that requires a lip brush to dig out the product. It is kinda not hygienic for lips' products to be packaged in a pot without any scoop or anything.

Have you ever face the problem of not being able to test out the products before buying them? Well... a bad purchase of mine...

NYX Round Lipstick in Honey.

Sorry that I made a mistake in labeling the shade.

When I was choosing the right nude shade, I didn't expect Honey to turn out so damn nude that I almost look like a girl without lips whenever I apply this shade. The shade isn't true to what you see on NYX's official website. It is extremely opaque!

If you're going to nude out your lips in order to prep them for other lip colours, then, this shade will do great but if you're gonna wear them alone, it's a big NO, NO! On the performance, it doesn't really last like up to 6 hours but it does last longer than those lipsticks from Essence. They're moisturizing enough if you have dry lips like mine!

Average Lipsticks

So, average for me are lipsticks that retail for around RM30 to RM50. Anything above RM50 for me would be categorized under high-end range.

My pick would be those lipsticks from Stage Cosmetics. Well, what can I say? I love Stage Cosmetics because they're like... one of the best brands ever in Malaysia.

I actually have more than these two lipsticks from Stage but well... I have yet to officialize them yet. Hahaha... Oh, their lipglosses are wonderful but yes, I haven't started using them yet since I'll finish up my NYX lip glosses before using new ones.

Audrey basically comes from the most moisturizing line of lipstick comparing to it's other counterparts. The only down to this line of lipstick is that it doesn't last and when it actually dries up, it'll leave residues on your lips. I don't know about others but it happens to me.

Other than that, I'm perfectly fine with it - the pigmentation is okay and lasting power is average too - probably around 3 to 4 hours if you don't go around and mess with it.

As for Buff Belle, it comes from Stage's Matte collection and basically all shades from this collection are matte!

On the first swatch, I was petrified with how dark Buff Belle looked on hand but when I actually applied it on my lips - it looked wonderful and somehow, it has this nice vanilla scent to it. Hahaha... I'm anal over scents!

The staying power of the lipsticks from the matte collection is longer than the others. So, if you want something that last up to maybe 5 to 6 hours, try this out.

Both collections of lipsticks retail for RM45 at Stage Cosmetics.

High-End Lipsticks

So, any lipstick that goes beyond RM50 for me would be considered dead expensive because on an honest account, I don't go around purchasing lipsticks of high-end brands but if the products work on me, I might consider to re-purchase them.

Enough say.

I bet ya'll will have this image of maybe this...

It's natural... Whenever I drop by Midvalley, the first ever counter I see in Jusco is Chanel... Never have I thought I would end up with one of the lipsticks.

What I have with me is the Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in Aventure.

Yes, I didn't splurge, okay? I got it as a Christmas present and I am really digging this lipstick so much that I don't guarantee I won't be re-purchasing it.

Can you see the tip of the lipstick? I've been wearing this so much ever since I got it 2 to 3 weeks ago and gosh... I should really go easy on this expensive lipstick.


Aunt said it retails for around AUS$30 so, probably, it'll be around RM70 to RM80.

This lipstick, just as it's name suggests, super moisturizing and bet you don't know, it can last up to 8 hours without re-touching! Hahaha... mind you, 8 hours for me and not for anyone else because I tend to skip food and drinks if I'm wearing red. I guess you could probably say the shade is kinda pigmented too.

Next up is the Christian Dior Voyage Collection Lipstick.

I am sorry if you didn't get it because it was released a few years ago and it was a limited edition. So... my bad if I am tempting you. Hahaha.

The shade I have is 255 and I don't exactly know the name since it doesn't come with the name printed on the lipstick.

All I know is... I love the pinkish shimmery tone of this lipstick even though it feels dry on my lips. It's not moisturizing at all but still, I don't mind using it since the shade is so pretty!

I forgot the price - it could be somewhere around RM70 to RM90 per lipstick. I can't remember. That was like 3 to 4 years ago! Hahaha... Don't worry, this lipstick is still good and it doesn't smell awful at all.

The last lipstick that I have - Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Creamy Nude.

I guess all of the girls can never have enough nude lipsticks! Hahahaha... After my first failure with NYX Honey, I turned to my cousin who was a BA for Clinique, Australia for advice and she introduced this shade to me. Best of all, she got this shade for me and I need not pay a single cent to get it. Hahaha.

If you're interested, it retails for USD$14.50 and please don't ask me about it's price in Malaysia because I really don't know.

This lipstick does last quite long - 6 to 8 hours as well and you are not gonna believe it's moisturizing effect, I tell you! The moisturizing effect is miraculous - it glides like magic and it stays like your faithful doggie. Hahaha.

Anyway, here is a swatch of all the high-end lipsticks I have.

So, what's your favourite lipsticks?

Before I end this entry, just something extra to share. Here's a picture of the products finished in November 2011. I'm gonna gear up to finish all that I own so that I can buy new ones. Hahaha.

On another note, I almost forgot I have this palette already until stupid sister digs it out of my stash few days ago!

Holy cow! It's the infamous Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4!!! Hahahaha... Is it 4 or is it 3? LOLX! I can't remember at all.

The eyeshadows are untouched and I have forgotten all about it because I dig my Naked Palette so much!

Enjoy the rest of the week, people!

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