Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's time for wishes!

Yay, I am already dreaming of a white Christmas, a Christmas full of gifts and loves and well... blessings, of course!

If Christmas is coming, that means it's time for my wishlist, be it realistic or not, I still have my rights to dream of a white Christmas, right?

Ya, right, Malaysia doesn't snow so, now, we use bubbles or stuffs like that to create the snowing effect. Craps!

Anyway... I guess my ultimate wishes for Christmas this year are...

  1. Finish my thesis and graduate - I am halfway there, baby!

  2. Lose 10kg and maintain my weight - I gained 6kg over 4 months of working and that was a total shit!!! My dresses and skirts felt tight and FML that I am spending my time trying to lose weight after I resigned and miraculously, I dropped 2.5kg after that.

  3. My parents would be as healthy and fit as fiddles - so that they can visit us more often and of course to travel with us!

  4. Get a job that I love so that I will be happy - but if it's a job that I don't like but the pay is like, kaaaa-chiiing, I don't mind. If it's not, tell the boss to scram and hide his or her butt 6 feet underground!

  5. God, please hear my prayers - I need love and Your guidance in finding it!

Okay, those are pretty much realistic wishlist of mine. I don't want to be greedy but if I do feel greedy, my wishlist will go up to 30 or 40 or maybe 50 wishes. Ah... perhaps just one wish for 1000 wishes coming true, sounds good, aye?

Now, here comes the unrealistic but workable wishlist of mine. LOLX!

  1. The Royal Collection Palette from Tarte Cosmetics

    I fell in love with the packaging at the first moment that I saw it but uh-well... even if I have the money to get it, I hate waiting for the product to be delivered from US to Malaysia and I bet by the time it gets to me, FML, I'll be cursing for the ruined and broken eyeshadows - been there.

  2. NYX Box of Smokey Eyes Collection

    Isn't it gorgeous? I mean, look at it... Hahaha... This palette will be perfect for my freelance jobs because normally I get requests to do makeup for the bride's maids as well as the sisters. In most of the weddings I've been too, a lot of my clients asked for neutral or smokey eyes, so... one palette fits all!

  3. NYX Haute Jersey Couture

    I love the leopard-inspired packaging of this palette. Was supposed to get this palette initially but it ran out of stock so... now, is there any kind soul out there who would bring me one of these?

  4. NYX Soft Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink

    Imma not greedy, yeah, I am not, I only want one shade from this collection and that's shocking pink because I can't find any similar shade that's affordable yet so... please, please Santa, please bring me just Shocking Pink!

  5. NYX Black Label Lipstick in Bling

    Again, I'd like to emphasize that Imma not greedy. I want one of the shade from this collection too and that's Bling! LOLX! Not greedy, not greedy, not greedy!

  6. NYX HD Grinding Blush

    If you know me, you'll know I am anal about blushes! If you don't know yet, now, you'll know because I collect different blushes too! So, I'm kinda greedy now because I want two shades from this collection -English Rose and Ménage à Trois.

  7. Naked 2 by Urban Decay

    I know I have the original version of Naked but you know, for me, it's like collection! I love my original Naked palette and I don't mind getting the second version even though I don't really fancy the black eyeshadow in it. T

  8. 15th Anniversary Palette by Urban Decay

    I know there are reviews out there saying that the eyeshadows in this palette don't come in variety but for a person like me who isn't very adventurous, these are more than enough! Plus, I love UD, so, what can I say?

  9. Benefit Porefessional

    What can I say? I tested and tried this product - it actually worked very well on me because I get compliments from Mr. Tham of my complexion when I went out on a date with him after the makeover at benefit. LOLX! RM120 for just a tube - I'll go pokai soon! So, present, please!

  10. MAC Brushes - 219 and 109

    I have been dying to get these two brushes from MAC but due to strict budget, I ended up never getting any because I always trust there are inexpensive alternatives out there but so far, nah... those inexpensive alternatives don't work for me and yes, these two brushes are in my wishlist since ages ago!

There you go... Hahahaha... Unrealistic but workable wishlist. I wish I can still have 10 more slots in my wishlist but I'll stop here just in case you all think I am such a b*tch for wanting so many things!

So, what are you wishes for this year?

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