Monday, December 5, 2011

Here's something to distract you from Monday blues!

Yes, distractions are good sometimes - not like it's all bad but hey, it's Monday! Hahaha!

Hahahahaha... So, cheer up, it's gonna be Tuesday in less than 24 hours - obviously!

Christmas is less than a month away, which means, it's a yay!!!

Christmas has forever been my favourite time of the year! Well, are you wondering why Chinese New Year isn't in my favourite list?

I hate the crowdedness of going places during CNY and I don't really fancy all the people gathering at my small place back at my hometown during CNY as well. Not to say I'm anti-social but I just don't really like it because some people tend to be SUPER gepo or busybody. I hate it when people ask me, "You're getting older, why not get yourself a boyfriend and begin to think of your future."

I mean if there's only one or two persons asking me that, then, it's okay but it does seem the older I get, the more unfavourable comments that I get especially from sarcastic relatives, "You shouldn't have studied too much, now you see, the higher your education is, the choosier you get. When you are choosier, it's harder for you to meet your Mr. Right."

Fuck it, I don't give a damn!

Phewww... for now, Imma gonna calm down for a while because first, yay again... Christmas is coming and it's gonna be lent season soon - so, I've gotta be a little bit more forgiving. LOLX! Secondly, I'm not gonna be back to my hometown for this coming CNY, hence, no more gepo relatives trying to score immature conversations with me.

Anyway, let's just look forward Christmas, shall we?
*Santa Claus is coming to town*

I've got myself some early Christmas presents, yippee!!!

So, now, I can haz crazily beautiful and fashionable covers for my beloved mobile! Next, Imma gonna get Hello Kitty Diary Case for my darling! Can't wait for it to reach me!

Oh, sorry... hahaha... I got distracted!

You all know how much I adore Christmas, hence... I will try to spend more time to visit shopping malls because well... I'm pretty much in love with the Christmas decorations and bah... even if it means I've to doll up to take beautiful pictures of myself *syok sendiri* hahahaha...

Last week, stupid sister and I went to Sunway Pyramid because it has been like forever since we last went there and we were quite amazed with the decorations but well... since we were hype over shopping there, we did not manage to take a lot of pictures.

~ Pictures are left unedited because I am NOT fake and I am lazy ~

It was amazingly beautiful, so, if you are camwhore freaks like me, head over to Sunway Pyramid already, okay?

Then, yesterday, due to our last minute decision to go to Midvalley, stupid sister and I didn't doll up because it wasn't in our plan to go there as my initial intention was to just go to Wangsa Maju to get few DVDs and it ended up my plan was spoiled because the intention to go to CociCoci was stronger than getting DVDs at Wangsa Maju. Hahahaha.

Here goes the pictures!

~ Edited the pictures to look more dreamy and Christmasy ~

Who said I am all about makeup and dresses? I do have my lazy days too in which, you'll see me in butt-naked face without foundation, powders, concealers or anything!

Saw a super nice Carlo Rino handbag going for RM150 but damn sakit hati wanna spend because...

*drums roll*

I have just gotten air-ticket to Singapore!

Now you can cry or laugh at pathetic me!

Hahahahaha... Sponsored trip - are you jealous yet?

Anyhoot, trip is sponsored but shopping is not, so... I still gotta save some ka-ching or moo-lah because I intend to shop there. Hahaha.

We're at the end of this entry on a Monday morning, hence, peeps, have a wonderful week ahead and just ignore the Monday blues. I'm sure it'll be a great day for everyone after all!


Isabel said...

Nice.. I wanna go cocicoci too but I shall resist!!

Trip sponsored by?? lol

Angel Valerie said...

I went there to get a sharpener. Hahaha... my previous one died-ed on me several times already and to think that I've spent more than RM10 for a sharpener that doesn't last for a year, isn't worth it. So, I bought a new one at CociCoci for only RM4.90 crap cheap. Hahahaha.

Sponsored by someone but not BF. Pure blissful luck of mine!