Friday, December 2, 2011

I have found my love...

Not love as in love, love but love as in love for another thing. Ah, ah... re-read it... not a person, it's something else and yeah, it's a thing!



Anyway, I have found my love in Dressing Paula. Hiak, hiak, hiak, hiak...

If you don't know yet, Dressing Paula is a new boutique and it's our very own Malaysian brand. All of a sudden, I feel damn semangat to be a Malaysian despite saying I wanna leave this place once and for all. LOLX!

I came to know about this boutique via my ex-colleague where she bought a gorgeous blazer for only RM89.90 and she told me, "I got it at a boutique that looks so posh in Sunway!"

In the first place, I was skeptical, as far as I know, there's nothing that comes cheap in Sunway and then, after my last visit to Pavilion, I spotted Dressing Paula there. Hence, I went in to check things out. Indeed, the prices that I saw range from RM49.90 to RM189.90 and believe me, it's quite affordable because the highest price would usually go to maxi dresses and I don't really buy maxi dresses from high end boutiques because for a similar quality, you can get it cheaper at other places.

Yes, I am a cheapskate, thank you.

So, the other day, I was at Sunway with stupid sister and we decided to just walk into Dressing Paula for you know, look around. It was YES time of the year and bah... it seemed to us that everything in the store was going at 50% discount.

I picked up a tunic or maybe you can call it a dress. The first thing that caught my eyes was the colour. You see, I'm trying to go for more colour variety because my closet is basically full of black and white clothings so... this turquoise dress caught my attention - it's paste turquoise!

I took it and went into the dressing room and voila, I loved it. You know the result already, yes, I bought it. Well... I did take a look at the price - RM89.90 and oh, since I am a big fan of Forever 21, like always, one piece of dress often goes up to RM100 there, so... for RM89.90 only, I can get a dress at Dressing Paula, why not, right?

This dress looks very casual and the thing I love about it is the sleeve part - well, you'll see why. It's not really unique but it's something different from what I'd normally buy for myself.

It's not sexy even though it is lemming towards peek-a-boo type. Hahahaha... I am going nuts these days over sexy and yet down-to-earth dresses these days.

So, unsatisfied with only one purchase, I walked around for a little while more and then, I happened to see this lovely blazer! Although they don't have it in the colour I want and also my size, I bought it - a size bigger. Hahaha. I figured out it doesn't matter when your blazer is a size bigger. Again, I was attracted by this blazer due to it's tiny design on the sleeves.

I am a sleeve-person after all.

I found a similar piece at Zara the other day but it retails for RM279.90 for the exact colour that I want - shocking pink but when I came to think of it, splurging RM280 for only a piece of blazer that is pink isn't really worth it, so, I skipped.

Anyway, yeah, I bought this one at 50% discount. How can I resist?

Best of all, boo... I can pair it up with the turquoise dress I bought and voila again, from casual, you can go into ready-to-work mode!

It was a funny thing when I made payment. I drew out RM150 because I thought the total purchase would be somewhere around RM140 but when I looked and looked again at the receipt, I realize the turquoise dress was less than RM60!!!

Damn, I should have bought more dresses but due to insufficient time, I headed home!

I will be going back very soon, at least I know CNY is coming and hahaha... Dressing Paula, I've found my HG boutique in you and I will visit again real soon!

Have you been to Dressing Paula yet?

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