Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping at Tony's

The other day, I was hanging out with stupid sister around Pavilion when we passed by Tony Roma's. Stupid sister was telling me, "One of these days, our brother will make it into the history of SKII because all Tony-s are famous!"


Reason was silly and yet predictable. Look at the CEO of Air Asia.

It's Tony Fernandez, baby!

Then, let's turn our heads back at look at the infamous restaurant.

It's Tony Roma's, okay, it's Tony! LOLX! Hahahaha...

Then after a while, we got to know the news that another Korean brand with the name Tony in it was brought into Malaysia!

It's Tony Moly, dearest people!

Finally, after waiting for quite some time, Tony Moly is in Malaysia and for all of you Malaysians out there who are not aware of it yet, currently, there are only two outlets available throughout Malaysia - JB and Sungei Wang, KL. The outlet in JB is somehow bigger than the one in KL, hence, when stupid sister and I dropped by yesterday, quite a number of products are not available in KL yet.

Anyway, this was our haul of the day!

Err... we should feel shameful to say this but, yes, we've spent again despite telling ourselves to finish up the existing products. Girls will forever be girls, I guess.

The total damage was more than RM300 and boy, it was scary because both of us did not expect to spend so much. Well, there was a 20% discount in conjunction of their official launching and opening.

I am not gonna review on all the products just yet but if you're interested in the prices of the products, I'll try to remember them for you and you'll be the judge if my memory fails me or not. I'll start with the skincare range but please be kind, okay? I'm not a computer or a robot to remember every single price.

Tony Moly Skincare Range

Dr. Tony Poreclear Pore-Tightening Serum- RM129.90
Dr. Tony Poreclear Gel Cream - RM69.90
Dr. Tony Poreclear Emulsion - RM99.90
Dr. Tony Poreclear Essence - RM109.90
Dr. Tony Poreclear Toner - RM89.90
Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Moisturizers - RM89.90
Appletox Honey Cream - RM46.90
Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream - RM49.90
Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack - RM55.90
Egg Pore Series - RM55.90 to RM59.90
Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap - RM49.90
Latte Art Series - RM49.90 to RM59.90
Ice Queen Series - RM45.90 to RM55.90
Dear Me Balancing Skin - RM59.90
Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack - RM109.90
Intense Repair Live Snail Ampoule in 5 pieces - RM229.90 to RM299.90
Intense Repair Live Snail Lotion - RM189.90
Intense Repair Live Snail Essence - RM209.90

Tony Moly Makeup Products

Expert Triple BB Cream - RM89.90
Nail Enamels - RM10.90 to RM15.90
Nail Enamel Remover - RM25.90
Backstage Paint Eye Pot - RM49.90
Backstage Gel Eyeliner - RM49.90
Backstage Double Eyes Geliner - RM79.90
Kiss Lover Lipstick - RM25.90
Kiss Kiss Lips - RM19.90
Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner - RM29.90

Miscellaneous Tony Moly Products

Pocket Bunny Mist - RM29.90

Well, head out to Tony Moly and find out on the prices if you're interested. I can't remember each and every price be it correctly or not, so, you know what to do.

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