Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Santa must have came early this year


No, that was random, I didn't plan on laughing like that but heck... at the time I am blogging about this, I'm missing my aunt already!

You see, she flew all the way back from Sydney for my cousin, her niece's wedding and dropping by KL just for a day to visit us. Stupid sister and I stayed over at The Westin together with aunt and uncle. We had moments of our lives, camwhoring in the hotel room because aunt and uncle stayed in The Executive Suite.


Only then, I realized my aunt was photobombing me in majority of the camwhoring pictures. Hahaha...

Nah, I finally got a single shot picture when aunt went to the washroom whereas uncle went down to the lounge.

Taken early morning when my eyes are still half-open. LOLX! I guess that explains my messy hair and yikes - no makeup! Hahaha. Nothing to be ashamed of. Well... this is what muka tebal is.

We had really great times together - best of all, we did a lot of shopping and she brought me my be-early Christmas present. Can you guess what she gave to me?

Yikes, it's my first Chanel lipstick! Muahahahahaha... If I were the one who's paying for this lipstick, I'd never even thought of forking out close to USD$18 just for one lipstick! I bet in Chanel counters in Malaysia, this lipstick alone would cost close to RM100.

I was nuts about red lipstick earlier and guess aunt overheard it from mum in the phone the last time I talked to her.

Here you go... the swatch of the lipstick.

It is not fiery red or something but for me it was close to erm... sheer red? It's not shocking red as you can see in the pictures above and below.

~ Please ignore my fugly pores ~

Pinkish red? Reddish pink? I'm bad at describing!

Here you go, a full-faced-no-makeup but applied lipstick picture of mine.

I love this lipstick - it was hydrating and yeah... loving it so much but hell... I just realized that I've forgotten to take a picture of the shade of the lipstick and now, I am just way too lazy to do it. Gahahaha...

Gonna go out now, ciao!

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