Friday, November 25, 2011

I am thankful for today

Happy Friday, people!

Yeah, TGIF for those of you who are not working tomorrow, just like me.

I was supposed to post this entry yesterday but due to the fact that I spent time hanging out with my stupid sister. Yeah, both of us were working but we went out to Bon Ga Korean Restaurant for lunch.

Yes, we had amazing lunch there and the staff were very attentive and friendly. I actually forgot my car key and one of them had to run after me to pass me the key. LOLX!

Talking about absent-mindedness. Well, I can win anyone, anytime!

Okay, reason of spending time together is simple - it was Thanksgiving Day yesterday and since stupid sister started working, we didn't really spend a lot of time together exception for Sunday. Most of the times, she'd be too tired to even talk by the time she reaches home from work.

So... yeah... it was Thanksgiving and actually, there are a lot of things I am thankful for. Let's go through the list, shall we?

  1. I am thankful to God for never giving up on me even though I may be blaming Him if things go wrong. Sometimes, I tend to be a pessimist but yes, still I am thankful that He gave me the life that I have today.

  2. I am thankful for extremely supportive, loving and caring parents whom even though they were strict throughout the journey of growing up, without them, I wouldn't be where I am today.

    Thank you, mum and dad for the neverending love and priceless lessons in life!

  3. I am thankful for a sister that even though is annoying and arrogant at times, she still tries her best to be there when I need her to.

    Yes, no can can beat the fact that stupid sister is indeed VERY annoying and arrogant at times and yeah, still, I am thankful that she's part of my life.

  4. I am thankful for being healthy even though I may not own the slimmest of sexiest body ever but yeah, being healthy beats all! I am indeed trying to lose more weight because I tell you, being overweight isn't a good thing because I've been through a stage where I fell sick and went to several doctors. All the credits went to my weight at that point of time.

    So... hell yeah, I am thankful that I managed to lose weight and be where I am today even though I still complain from time to time about my weight.

  5. I am thankful for this particular dearest cousin of mine who forever is annoying like stupid sister but forever helping me in all the way he could!

    Right, he is much, much younger than me but he is much, much matured than me, so... yes, dearest baby cousin, I am thankful you're part of the family!

  6. I am thankful for friends who FOREVER believe and support me in all ways they could because without them, life wouldn't be as colourful as today!

    These friends are more than friends because to me, they're like the sisters I've never have but yeah... I have them as part of me and someone whom I can lean on!

  7. I am thankful for a sister-in-Christ because without her, I wouldn't know what life and religion mean.

    Ignore the fat me at the side - it was taken 2 years back but I am still fat so... shut up. Hahaha... We may be separated physically but thanks to technology that we're still in touch even though she's in another part of the world. LOLX!

  8. I am thankful for my soulmate who knows exactly what I went through but instead of telling me, "Nevermind," she always tells me, "I will help you."

    Well... hahahaha... there are times when she can't help but it's the thought that counts!

  9. I am thankful that I have enough to spend even though I quit my job. Yes, all thanks to my cousins and relatives who support me financially. LOLX!

I am actually thankful for a lot of things in life but it's just sometimes, you know, when you're blurred by all the negative things in life that you feel demotivated, given up hope and hate your life but well... life goes on.

So, what are you thankful for?

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