Sunday, November 20, 2011

Removing stubborn liquid eyeliner

I haven't get beauty-related questions from readers or anyone for quite a long time already and 2 days ago, someone sent me this question via LYN. So, I thought I will share the question and my opinions with you.

I wanna do you remove those liquid eyeliner?? I just bought an eyeliner, liquid type and looks like a marker type from etude house. After I used, I removed it. Some green and purplish color thingy frighten me! Very difficult to remove. How do you all remove? Do you encounter this problem before or all liquid eyeliner are like that?

First and foremost, I wanna make things clear, I am not really familiar with Korean cosmetics because most of the times I only use their skincare range. I had never purchased any Korean cosmetics in the past exception for BB creams. Even some of the BB creams were given to me either by my friends or relatives.

So, her question is about how to remove stubborn stain of liquid eyeliner.

Not all liquid eyeliners perform just like what she has experienced which left purple and green stains on the eyelids but there are eyeliners like that and one of the eyeliners that impacted me a lot was ELF Felt Liquid Eyeliner Pen which stained just like a marker eyeliner from Etude House as she had told me.

I couldn't remove the stain for at least 2 days and luckily for me, I tried it on the back of my hands before I used it on my eyelids. Scary, huh? I told myself I will never ever get any type of pen or marker liquid eyeliner for as long as I live!

On how I managed to remove the stain - well, it stayed that way for 2 days because the previous makeup remover I was using couldn't remove the stain. Then, not long later, I've decided to toy with my Biore Oil Makeup Remover - it worked but still, there was a little bit stain left on the back of my hand.

Not a good thing, huh?

I don't want to condemn any eyeliners in the market because well, what works best for me may not work good for you so, you've gotta try out all the stuffs to find your holy grail. When I say I won't buy it doesn't mean I'm asking you not to buy - be your own judge.

Anyway, another great alternative to remove makeup is by using EVOO. Dab a cotton ball into the oil and soak your lids with eyeliner and gently wipe it off. I'm not sure about this step but I heard it works so, you may try that.

If you would want me to recommend any liquid eyeliners, I'd give you few survival tips that I personally think it's good so that you'll have a rough idea what to get and what to avoid.

  1. Don't get felt-tip or marker liquid eyeliners if possible. I've tried several and yes, the results were the same so, I ditched them since ages ago!

  2. Try getting eyeliners with sharp brush tip because then, you can control the strokes and the thickness of the lines easily.

  3. Always have 2 or 3 different types of makeup removers with you just in case one fails, you have a back-up remover - oil-based, water-based and makeup remover in sheets form.

However, if you want me to recommend good liquid eyeliners that I've tried, approved and loving them, here's a list.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner RM55.90

Kate Super Sharp Liquid Eyeliner RM45.90

Empro Black Diamond Liquid Eyeliner RM48.90

I am unsure of the prices but you may check out at Sasa, CociCoci, Watson, Guardian, Shins or any outlets that carry these products.

I'm gonna share with you all the makeup removers that I own and love just in case you're wondering what I'm using to remove stubborn makeup and stains.

Biore Makeup Removers

My Beauty Diary Peach Soda Makeup Remover

Mandom Cleansing Express

Yes, now you see why I said DIFFERENT makeup removers, right? No, don't judge me please. LOLX!

Hopefully this write up could help everyone who's facing the same problem!

P/S - Pictures were searched and downloaded from google. Credits to those who have taken those pictures.


crazypoplock said...

I use extra virgin almond oil to remove my eye make up. Hassle free plus helps the eyelashes to grow and lock in moisture.

Angel Valerie said...

OMG... if it can aid in eyelash growth, I think I'll give this a try. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the tips!