Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beauty re-discovered!

Remember this?

Oh, yes... remember me?

LOLX! That should be the lamest and coldest joke ever - of course everyone remembers me ugly pretty and pathetic innocent face, right?

Nah, no worries, I won't be talking about myself neither will I talk about my lousy life. Today... I am gonna talk about this!

I am sure all of you beauty junkies out there know about the infamous 88 colour palette, right? I've gotten in 3 years back and guess what? I've completely forgotten about this until last July, when I went back to my hometown and discovered it hidden among my books!

Now, tell me, which smart arse actually hid this eyeshadow palette among other books?

*it's me*


I am not sure about everyone out there but well... I came to love this palette when I first started with makeup and when I knew zero about eyeshadows and blending. That was before I got to know about brands like NYX, Sleek or Urban Decay.

I purchased this at RM90 inclusive of shipping. I think you can get this palette for around RM50 plus shipping nowadays. So, I experimented a lot with this palette back then and I even used this palette to do makeup for bride's maids. Amazing, there are still a lot of products left!

Thus, I've decided to re-swatch most of the shades just in case you are interested with this palette. No, I am not selling this palette. You can go to LYN and find someone who sells this and well... sadly, LYN is only for Malaysians.

Well, these are the swatches but mind you, I applied my eyeshadow primer before swatching, so the colours you'll be seeing, of course, are INTENSE! Therefore, don't come to me and point out I am a liar because these eyeshadows aren't pigmented enough. They are pigmented but not all.

I bet alongside with the primer, the eyeshadows seemed pigmented from the two pictures above, right?

I discovered something while I was in the mid of swatching - there is actually a gold shade among all the other eyeshadows and hey, how on Earth could I missed it back then? I mean, I was heartbroken when I saw no gold shade inside but only last night, I got to know there is a gold shade available and well... it doesn't look gold on its own.

Anyway, here's my verdict since I said nothing about it 3 years back.

Affordable price if you're gonna compare this palette to brands like MAC, Shu Uemura, Urban Decay or Bobbi Brown. Hey, it's even cheaper than NYX. Best thing, there are a lot of colours or shades to choose from, especially if you're doing makeup for someone's big day! Shimmer shades are very pigmented. Easily found online or you can try to go to a stall on the 6th floor of Sungai Wang - it retails for RM45 to RM55 only. Cheap plastic packaging that broke as soon as it got to me.

Matte colours are not pigmented. Blending using these shades isn't easy but it isn't tough too. Not all the colours are suitable for everyday use. Shimmer shadows always result in fall-outs.

Those are my two-cent. I am not gonna promote any blog selling this or whatsoever since you can easily spot one anywhere.

Price - RM45 to RM60
Product - 2.5 out of 5
Packaging - 2 out of 5
Availability - LYN, Sungai Wang
Re-purchase - No

At the end of the day, I still prefer my UD and NYX palettes, so, I guess I won't be going back to pick up more of these. As much as they are suitable for bridal or photography makeup, I figured out I won't be using these colours much, so... well... not gonna repurchase or anything.

Hahahahahahaha... I looked like a mad woman with skin disease in the picture above, don't I? Anyway, before I end... lemme show you my haul of the week!

I finally got a new handbag because the current Guess bag that I am using is at the verge of breaking up with me.

Listen, Parkson Elite Card holders, there's sales going on for branded bags and clothes up to 70% so, if you go there with your card, you might be able to buy selected handbags from Guess at only RM111. Of course, first come first serve. Imagine a normal price for a Guess handbag retails at around RM400 and above and before 11th of November, you can get it for RM111. Hahahaha... How does that sound to you?

I've decided to switch from Guess to Pierre Balmain this time around.

I have been a faithful supporter of Guess because their handbags really tahan lasak, I kid you not! My cousin gave me one 7 years back and up to this day, the bag is still good despite the rough me. During my birthday this year, good ol' brother of mine, together with mumsy bought another Guess bag for me but perhaps, nowadays, the material isn't that good and that new Guess bag is gonna die soon...

Anyway, I got this bag at 70% discount - go and figure out the price on your own at Parkson. I'm too lazy to remember anything.

Last but not least...

You all know how crazy I am towards stuffs with lace so, when I was at a boutique with stupid sister this afternoon, I saw this pair of flats and fell in love with them immediately because they're so cute and at the same time, lacey! So, don't tempt me with lace, people!

Have a great week!

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