Monday, October 31, 2011

Products finished in October 2011

I can't believe October is coming to an end and starting from tomorrow onwards, it's gonna be November. Then, it's HO-HO-HO, Merry Christmas!

I can't wait for Christmas to come because I can't wait to meet my Santa Joel in Singapore!

Hey, check out my new Christmas countdown widget! Hahahaha.

Okay, let me make it clear. I have been very, very busy the previous months and I have had no time to sit down and properly blog about my life and stuffs like that but starting from today onwards, I'll be free because I'm practically jobless. My job is to write my thesis and hey, I still get paid from writing my thesis, okay?

Well... I did not manage to finish up quite a lot of products because when you're busy, usually you'll be tired and when you're tired, you tend to forget about stuffs and fall straight onto your bed for a goodnight sleep.

That's my life for you.

So... the only two stuffs I've managed to finish throughout October 2011 are as below.

Empro Triangular Eyebrow Pencil

I'm finally done with my second pencil and most probably, I'll be heading out this weekend to get my third pencil. I am hooked to this pencil for life and no doubt about it. Best of all, Empro is smart enough to come up with refillable pack for their new packaging!

Stage Cosmetics Liquid Liner in Woodstock

I'm sorry I forgot to take picture of it so, I curi-ed this picture somewhere in google. Hahaha. Well... after half a year or so, I'm finally done with this one and sad to say, Stage at Pavilion closed down while the one at Midvalley is closed for renovation. However, I am not sure of the outlet at Tropicana City Mall - I've yet to check it out actually but honestly, I wouldn't say their eyeliner is fantastic but still, for a normal day makeup without end up looking heavy, this is the eyeliner I'd normally go for!

Anyway, two products - well, that's ain't bad at all, right? At least I don't end up throwing stuffs away but I guess I'll be putting up a garage sales for those makeup stashes and also beauty related products that I am not using but due to my impulsive nature, I bought them without second thought.

LOLX! Again, that's my life for you!

Anyway, I gotta make a move. Have a happy, happy week ahead!

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