Thursday, October 20, 2011

You are beautiful the way you are

I have been digressing so much lately.

Feeling lousy to the point that I have completely forgotten who I am and my aims of life are.

See... ageing does take it's toll on me and I don't like the process of it since I don't age beautifully and gracefully.

At least as of now, I am happy to say that I've completely ditched my bad habit of buying cosmetics and also beauty related products ever since I started working. Well, when you are working, first, you just don't have the time to go shopping. You go to the office first thing in the morning and return home around 9pm or so, in which, after dinner, you'll be half dead on the bed. Secondly, on weekends, you just wanna lay low and relax at home instead of hanging out with people and also shopping. I am just PURE LAZY.

Pure lazy isn't a big deal if I can save. I should have my own savings at this time already, so I told myself that I shall save part of my earning every month because just like everyone, I wanna BUY my own house, BUY my own car, OWN a business and also TRAVEL like mad!

A friend once told me, "Why do you need all those makeup for? You are beautiful the way you are!"

I shall leave that statement for you to ponder!

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