Friday, October 21, 2011

Goodbye and hello!

After today, a new chapter in my life will open.

I've been struggling everyday ever since work started - I don't have time for family and friends to the point my parents have been complaining that I don't really call them any longer these days and they are frustrated that I haven't even been spending time with my siblings as well. As for friends, exception for SH and Miss Soo, I don't really hang out with anyone because by the time I got home from work, I'd usually be dead tired to the point I don't see myself wanting to meet any of them.

Yes, I am as frustrated as my parents are - I am a person who loves hanging out with people but work has taken its toll on me. My working hour is too long and I get the pay that's peanuts! If you're wondering about my working hours, it's 10am to 9pm. That's a total of 11 hours per day.

Let's do some Mathematics.

24 hours in a day minus 11 hours of work minus 8 hours of sleep minus 1 hour of lunch, breakfast and dinner minus 1 hour to be on the road to and fro work minus 1 hour of showering and pampering in morning and night, I am left with only 2 hours to spare per day. Usually during that 2 hours, I'll do some clean up, laundry and cook.

Over the weekend, it'll either be church on Saturday or Sunday and then, stupid sister and I will go grocery shopping. Sunday is the only time I can sit back and enjoy but thesis is killing me slowly and silently. I am rushing to finish and wrap it up so that I can graduate by this semester!

Thus, I've decided, I am definitely NOT someone who can work for 12 hours a day or someone who can stand being tortured by bosses, hence, once and for all, I tendered my resignation earlier this month.

It's my LAST DAY of work today and yes, I am happy work has finally ended for me and I'm gonna make everyday meaningful by doing something good and also writing up my thesis until the day I graduate!

Goodbye, terrible low-pay-high-pressure job and hello, my new chapter of life!

Have a great weekend, people!


@nGeLine said...

Hi girl,
Enjoy your non-working life, hehe. And wish you to successfully graduate in this semester ^^

Angel Valerie said...

Hey... thanks for the wish. Yes, I'll be gearing up to finish my Masters end of this year!