Friday, October 28, 2011

The silent killer

The time when I went shopping, I had in mind, "I need to get a pair of new heels!"

Consider me as very westernize but honestly, I am not really into cute makeup because I don't think I can handle any daily dose of cuteness. I'd rather be remembered as sexy instead of cute. I have my own reason for that.

So, I went to Vincci and coincidentally, they were having 50% sales and guess what? Being a typical shopaholic I was, I ran into the outlet and began hunting for something that would strike my interest.

Suddenly, at the corner of my eyes, I saw something shimmery and glittery - it completely got my attention!

My legs darted to the corner and hastily, I picked this gorgeous pair of heels up from the shelf!

I was considering to get another pair in black because Dr. Wong told me it looked gorgeous on me. Luckily I did not listen to him! Hahaha...

Indeed, this pair of heels is a silent killer. It may not be cancerous but wearing it from morning to night during work was a total torture! I thought I could be glamour, yes, I was glamourous because I received compliments even from my boss but then again, my feet were so sore and they ached like no tomorrow!

The reason is simple!

The heels are of 5 inches of height respectively and it's sooooo narrow that people around me were scared I might just fell and sprain my ankles!

Wasn't it amusing?

That's all for the fashion post on a Friday!

Enjoy your weekends, people!


Baby Bee said...

That's what girls do shoes then if it hurts..we put it in the corner of our room..I have the same urge all the time....this month bought 1 shoes then feels like hurting my ankle and not wearing it..back to my almost putus sandal ..hahaha.....good luck in getting a new shoes again...hehe

Angel Valerie said...

Hahahaha... You're right but then again, I love this pair of heels! They're quite, note, it's QUITE comfortable! Hahaha... I just wore it like the third time and miraculously I can still walk around!