Saturday, October 29, 2011

All I need is...

A haircut!

That's it...

My fringe was getting out of control a month ago when I decided to cut it on my own. So, did I cut it and ended up making another mess out of my hair.


I can't believe I could stand my ugly hair for a month before I decided to get my bangs back!

See... I told you it was disasterous having to wake up and look at my own reflection in the mirror every morning.

My apologies for my just-woke-up face and yeah... I look like that every single morning so, scram if you think you've just seen a ghost!

It seems forever since I last felt good and just look at the fat and ugly girl staring back at me!

*sings Reflection*

Look at me,
You may think you see who I really am...

Aherm, aherm... I'm way past Christina Aguilera's moments of fame.

So, a while ago, I went to Hair Secret at Sentul Raya to get my haircut. I told my hairdresser I want bangs and not fringe because my fringe was bad enough that I hated it.

Lesson of the day - don't cut your own hair if you're not a qualified hairdresser. I shall NEVER EVER cut my own bangs or fringe again - NO, NEVER!!!

After the haircut, I'm feeling so much better now...

It may not be my hairdresser's best cut yet but still, at least it's far better than my own skills. Hahahahahaha... One of these days, I swear upon my hamsters, I shall get hairdressing skills!

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