Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gold and loving it!

It honestly feels so dang long since I last dolled myself up... Guess the last time when I really applied full makeup was when I went out with Mr. Dimples... err... probably more than a month ago, I think. Ah... my makeup skills are getting pretty rusty these days.

It's Deepavali today and I am left stranded at home because stupid sister is working and I have got no partner-in-crime to hang out with, hence, if I should be alone, I will make it an effort to doll myself up before I go out.

*clears throat and sings Mr. Lonely*

I have decided to go Gold and dark brown today and this is the result close up.

Can you see, can you see? I think my lashes look atrocious after using Maybelline Lash Stilettos! I should stick to Maybelline Pulse Perfection instead. No more being adventurous with mascaras because I don't fancy the Lash Stilettos since they fall like mad!

I tried keeping the products minimal so that if I ever go outstation and wanna recreate this look, I don't need to bring a lot of essentials with me.

Well, I am the queen of bringing nonsense when I go traveling and I'm sure you can't beat me to it. I always end up having additional hand-carry luggage for my makeup products - you see what I mean, right?

So, this time around, I kept the products minimal just so it would simplify my traveling life since I do travel quite often due to having a family that is quite far away and each trip back home will usually leave me pokai and have to ikat perut for a while after that. Hahahaha.

Okay, here's a list of products that I've used to create this simple gold and brown look. I've skipped foundation and also loose powder because my complexion is so dang terrible lately, hence, I should avoid full-face makeup for the time being.

Stage Eyeshadow Primer

I'm sure you wouldn't want your eyeshadow to glide and wear off in the mid of something. Worse still, if your eyeshadow creases, that's the end of story! Hahaha... This works amazing especially on oily eyelids - at least it works great for me. 10 hours of wearing it and not even a slight creasing!

S109N Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit

I haven't been using this kit for God-knows-how-long! So, to make things easier, I've labeled which shade to go first, next and so on if you're interested. Hey, it isn't so hard, right? You need to do quite a lot of blending, that's all.

NYX The Ultimate Pearl Shadow in White Pearl

I've used this eyeshadow not for the eyes instead, I used it to highlight the bridge of my nose and also to enhance my features.

Essence Matt Bronzing Powder

Well, you know this is your shading and touching up your features so that your face will look smaller and slimmer and yada, yada, yada.

NYX Powder Blush in Angel

I love, love this powder blush so much that I've used one third of it. The picture above was taken when I first bought it, so, don't judge a book by it's cover. I'm just purely lazy to re-take the picture, that's all.

Essence Lipliner in Nude Coral

Super smooth and pigmented but doesn't last long but hey... that doesn't matter just as long as it's affordable and it fits into everyday look!

Essence Lipstick in Frosted

Well... I basically love all the lipsticks I've gotten from Essence and this one goes extremely well with Nude Coral! Recommended!

Empro Eyebrow Pencil

Like I said, I'm almost done with my second pencil and I will be using my third one soon!

Well, well, well... I've spent some time finding pictures for you guys to look at so, remember to thank me for the effort, okay? LOLX! Okay, I was joking.

Anyway, before I go, here are the final two camwhoring pictures!

~ I am the girl next door ~

~ Ouch, flash photography hurts my eyes! ~

Hahaha... having enough of me yet?

Tata, peeps and Happy Deepavali to all those who are celebrating and to those who are having their day-off, Happy Holiday!

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