Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sundae? Soondae?

The other day, I was craving for something...

~ Muka orang tunggu makan ~

For your information, yours truly doesn't wear makeup on weekends. I need to let my skin breathe over the weekends because I'm having breakouts now. Then again, I was still craving for something like...

Sundae? Sundae from McDonald's? Hahaha... Sundae indeed but it isn't the normal sundae and it's not from McD's.

I was craving for Korean food and my colleague was telling me about sundae but not as in the ice-cream sundae but there's a kind of traditional Korean dish with the similar wording system but pronounced as soon-dae 순대 instead of sundae.

So... this is sundae!

~ Traditional sundae ~

~ Ojingeo sundae or sotong sundae ~

So, what do you know by sundae from the pictures? Looks interesting, no? Hahaha... Well... sorry if you're my Muslim readers.

Sundae is a pork sausage, filled with mixed with sweet rice and sweet potato vermicelli noodles. Well, this is Korean version of our typical meaty sausages. It is generally made by boiling or steaming cow or pig's intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. There are even sundae made out of blood vessels or something like that - I find the taste too strong for my liking.

Last Saturday, right after work, stupid sister joined us at the one and only Korean restaurant serving sundae in Selangor at Soondaeya, Ampang. Hahahaha... I thought Ampang is in KL but when I typed out the address, it showed Selangor.

We had hard time locating the restaurant because I am not familiar with Ampang and the only place I know is Koreatown but then again, Soondaeya isn't within Koreatown vicinity. I stopped by Lotte Mart and asked for directions. In the end, the kind boss of Lotte Mart brought us there. LOLX! Talking about muka tembok, I should have won the title.

I don't know about other Korean restaurants but I damn love Soondaeya!

We were served generous amount of kimchi and radish kimchi! Just look at the big portion of kimchi varieties - me love, love, love kimchi!

~ Cabbage kimchi or bbaekchu kimchi ~

~ Radish kimchi or kkaktugi kimchi ~

I couldn't stop eating the kimchi for goodness sake!!! At the time I stopped eating it, I was quite full to even eat other dishes.

Oh, ya... if you're wondering what are the other 3 sauces or powders or liquid available, here is a close-up look of the beautiful, ugly and impossible. LOLX!

I did not try these out because I thought they looked disgusting a bit. Errr... as much as I love Korean food, still, there are stuffs that I wouldn't try - call me a hot and hard headed bitch, well... nothing much can be done. Hehehe...

By the way, we got a complimentary kimchi jeon!

In which, it basically means kimchi pancake! Hehehe... Nice, right? Look can be deceiving but yeah, it was really nice! I wonder if I can make similar pancake!

Are you ready for the main dish of the day?


I showed it to a friend and he went like, "Shit, those things look like penises!"


I admit, they did look disgusting to the point that I refused to even try but since they don't come cheap, I guess, I just had to try them out. See... I am not really hot and hard headed at all. I do have my strengths. LOLX!

This was the kimchi sun-dae. Looks bad and disgusting again, I know but well, it didn't taste as bad as it looked. I am saying that on an honest account and no lies else, Imma gonna get Pinnochio's long nose!

In not more than 15 minutes...

They were all gone, yes in 15 minutes! Even the kimchi-s on the table were halved on the first 15 minutes!

Kimchi was damn, damn, damn, damn nice no joke! Cross my finger! I told my colleague I wished they would sell me their kimchi but well, I didn't ask since I have another whole box of homemade kimchi at home. So, whoever that wants kimchi, you can get from me! LOLX! I am doing charity in my blog. Hehe.

On the other hand, we did order Galbi-tang, which translated into English means, you go and google it up yourself. Hahaha... I don't like doing introduction to food.

The Galbi-tang was quite bland, I think - at least to my preference since I don't represent each and everyone out there.

So, here's a picture of stupid sister and I after dinner.

Stupid sister went, "Why is it every time when we go for Korean meals, my appetite is never fully satisfied? I am still hungry!"

Hahahaha... I was damn full because I ate most portion of the kimchi and stupid sister couldn't take spicy food.

On the whole, the bill came to RM61.50 for 3 persons. The break down of the prices is as below.

Soon-dae = RM40
Galbi-tang = RM20
Bap (rice) = RM1.50

Drink was free, bbaekchu and kkaktugi kimchi were free, kimchi jeon was free and one of the rice was also free!

Best of all - no hidden taxes or charges!

So, if you're interested, here's the map. If you're not good in deciphering maps, well...

It's in Ampang Putra - if you know Shin Sun Mi Mart, then, it's upstairs.

Good luck in finding!

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