Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My NEW toy!

I was supposed to use the term 'gadget' instead of 'toy' but then again, this new gadget performs like a toy for me, in my opinion, of course!

Okay, it is a gadget!

Finally... I'm a proud owner of my new gadget - Samsung Galaxy S2!

Hey, hey, what else can I say, right? Hahaha... I've been wanting this gadget since forever ever since it first launched in Korea! Even so, I never thought I'd buy it because when it was first rumoured that this gadget will reach RM2399 to RM2899. I went like, "WTH? RM2.5k for a smartphone?!"

Well... no, it was priced at RM2099 - zithron set!

How cool is that?

Best of all, it comes with a 2-year warranty!

With Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen of 16M colours, the 4.3 inches screen looks large, super clear, nice and of course, simply amazing!

I had fun time discovering the available functions within the gadget and also installing new applications for my new toy! Hahaha! You can even do silly things with this gadget!

Best of all, I am loving the camera - both primary at 8MP and front at 2MP.

Lemme show you pictures taken with the primary camera.

And not forgetting camwhore moments using the front camera, in which I'd say 2MP is sufficient for a camwhore like me to camwhore using the front camera. Hahaha...

Even with lighting, the picture comes out pretty good! Don't trust me, no big deal, I have proof, man!

No joke, right? Hahahaha...

Macro mode can be used as well and the picture is splendid, I kid you not!

The camera on macro mode can also capture my tear drop on my spectacles! Ain't that awesome enough? LOLX!

I am still figuring out ways to use the camera because according to my cousin, there are still a lot of functions within, hence, I've gotta explore!

Anyway, no matter what your conclusion is, for example, the gadget looks like plastic and not good enough for you, personally, I'd rate a 5 stars upon 5 stars for this gadget with 2 valid reasons.

1. I bought it and it's mine, so I am a proud owner.

2. What works for me may not work for you.

Now, if you haven't notice yet, my phone is PINK! Yes, it's pink because I love pink and I am a girlie girl for your information!

Even the casing is PINK!

I can haz pink casing and pink phone now!

Samsung releases the new Galaxy Note and I'm also interested but I guess I've gotta pass that for now...

Bankruptcy mode ON!


Isabel said...

pink casing! lol.. I'm using Go also (it's pink too wth) but my casing is purple. I prefer the 'jelly' types. Been downloading stuff like mad!~

Angel Valerie said...

LOLX! Go is awesome! Hahaha... I'm trying to get some casing from China via my friends - they sell damn cheap casings, imagine the casing I'm using now only costs RM2 in China whereas here, I spent RM10 getting them. LMAO!