Monday, September 12, 2011

The email that made my day!

I woke up this morning feeling super emotional when I thought of the ex-mister. It just struck me how much this incident affected my life thereafter. I'll talk about it in another entry since I have yet to get over this whole issue.

Anyway, so, I went to work and checked my mail.

Normally, I don't really go through each and every email unless I have the time but this morning, it was unpredictable because I was quite free and surprised to get an email from a reader.

Thank you Crystal, for sending an email that totally made my day! I may not know you but thank you for dropping me an email, letting me know that there's still someone like me at another part of the world.

Yeah, thank you for making me smile too and I truly appreciate your email.

If all of you, who are reading my blog, bump into me or saw me outside and I do not have my makeup or best attire on, do come and say hi. I am not really a stuck up bitch unless someone steps on my tail or goes over the boundary.

Anyway, happy working week, people!

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