Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes, again, this blog lacks of updates.

I've been quite caught up with a lot of happenings lately that I don't even have proper time to sit down and blog about what has taken place in my life these 2 weeks and also what am I up to. For sure, life is crazily hectic and tiring.

I've been getting bruises after bruises all over my body due to 'walking into' glass doors and bumping into wall after wall. I guess my brain is processed in a way that I think I could be a superhero or something like that. LOLX!

Yes, peeps, I've moved. Finally, after tolerating some people's stupid attitudes and also habits, I am now freed! I swear in the name of my being, I will not return to that hellish place ever and to have to see those faces I don't feel like seeing for the rest of my life. I am going to live longer, wealthier and also better than you! So, keep your eyes open wide and witness all the things that you've failed to do and get, be mine!

I know, I know... sometimes, there are things in your life that drive you up to your limit and thereafter, you'll be treating life differently. Well, I am in such a situation where I swear, I'll be better off without some unimportant people.

Thankfully, at the moment I thought the whole world is crashing down on me, of all the people around me, he is the one who has been with me despite all my rejections and lies. I admit, I have been quite bitchy when I was facing him in the past but then again, his intention has not even budge.

Mr. SK, thank you for putting smiles back on my face when my tears flow. Thank you for giving me warmth at the time I was shivering. Thank you for waking me up to my senses and also for neverendingly being there, yes, just by being there even though your days have been hectic and filled with so much work. Thank you for finding time to just sit next to me and talk.

I guess sometimes, I just have to learn to be more humble.

Anyway, I'll have to go MIA for a while after today - my new place hasn't got any internet subscription yet, hence... you know, I know....

Happy Monday, peeps!

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