Sunday, June 12, 2011

My face after makeup is CLEAN!

I've been feeling quite skeptical to show you my new bangs but anyway, never mind, there's nothing to hide.

I digress... Lemme show you some other time since I'm quite a shy person. LOLX! Shall we revert back to our topic of the day?

Yes, my face feels so clean right now, thanks to My Beauty Diary's Peach Soda Makeup Remover!

If you have been following my blog, you would have come across the entry where I blogged about MBD's new range of products known as My Tea Time. Yes, I hauled them all the way home from IBE 2011 at KLCC. I didn't get to try them out straight away because I still had my Sasa and Biore makeup removers to finish.

Finally, yes, finally, I'm done with those makeup removers and officially started using my precious MBD Peach Soda Makeup Remover!

I am nuts about cute, pink packaging and this time around, I have to admit, I've purchased all the PINK coloured products from MBD's My Tea Time! I couldn't restrain myself because I fell in love with the pink makeup remover. Even my Sasa's makeup remover was pink too!

I can assure you that this product is genuine! Well, there are a lot of fake MBD products out there these days, hence you've gotta be extra careful on what you put on your face! Can you see the GENUINE MARK on the bottle? Well, if you can't, go and spot the round, silver sticker on the bottle, that's the genuine mark!

From the look, I thought the makeup remover would be somehow a little oily since you can see the oil floating above the liquid in the bottle. After some shaking businesses, just like any typical makeup remover, somehow or rather, both the liquid and the oil will combine. Boring explanation, I know, I know...

~ Still reluctant to show you my bangs in full face ~

After that, you'll have to open the cap and smell it - LOLX! What can I say about the smell? Hmmm... Although I love products with nice smells, sometimes, I find it difficult to describe the smells though. Lemme try...

*sniffs, sniffs*

It is said on the packaging that it's fragrant free but well... I'd still say there's a little smell though - something like wine but don't worry, not overwhelming or anything.

~ Yes, finally I've decided to show you my bangs on full face ~

I know, redundant statements and pictures but I was just posing with my NAKED face and also the makeup remover.

I'm not sure about you but I use this thing to double clean my face. Double clean means after you've removed your makeup using your makeup remover, you'll use another cleanser or cleansing milk or lotion or another makeup remover that is not oil-based to clean your face again just to make sure there's no makeup left in your pores or anything.

After using this, I do realize, double cleaning with it does work! There were still residues left on my face even though I've removed all the makeup! Shocking but true! Thus, this product completely removed the residues!

Please note that it is said on the packaging that this product is meant for eye and lips but well... I'm good with using it on my face too because I am filthy rich because whatever products like your eye creams or serums that are used on your delicate eye areas can be used over your face but not the other way round.

Then again, I bet with RM49.90 for a makeup remover at only 130ml worth of product, I'll spending that much money to get 2 bottles of my favourite Mandom Makeup Removers!

Price - RM49.90
Product - 3.5 out of 5
Packaging - 4 out of 5
Availability - Guardian
Re-purchase - Probably not because of the steep price for me

Anyway, since I got bored and nothing much to do on a Saturday night, here goes something for you to watch! Yes... again, finally, I'm showing myself LIVE on youtube with my new bangs!

Totally irrelevant and lame, I know. Hahahahaha!

Gotta bunk in, people! Good night and much love!

** Product is bought using my own moo-lah, I am not sponsored or anything.

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