Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Beauty Diary


I figured out that I'll do this entry since I was at IBE again yesterday to stock up on my My Beauty Diary Masks. Well, can't blame me, I'm using masks like crazy these days - signs of ageing and it isn't good since I didn't take care of my skin when I was younger. Hence, masks are just like essentials in my skincare routine these days.

So, lemme repeat, I was at IBE 2011 again after my visit there last Friday - yes, crazy and I know it. King of Masks, the local official distributor of MBD Masks in Malaysia.

Well, I hauled again! LOLX! Like how can you even resist a great deal that comes at only RM149 with 3 of their newest products and thereafter you can buy unlimited MBD Masks at only RM28 per pack of 10. Great deal, right? Well, hell yeah, considering each pack of 10 is sold around RM39.90 to RM59.90 at Guardian or Watson!

If you are a fan of MBD Masks like me, I'm sure you've heard about MBD, launching their newest products known as My Teatime.

I went delirious when I saw the cuteness of the packaging that my feet were frozen at their booth during IBE 2011 for a good one hour or so, trying to digest all the information and goodness of their products. Plus, the promoter was kind enough to let us try everything and then again, she remembers us from last Friday!

So, they've released their newest products which include cleanser, scrub, makeup remover and also two different types of facial masks!

Here is a picture of their cleansers!

I know, I know, they're just so, so, so cute, awww... and you know how anal I am about cute packaging! Their newest theme is ice-cream inspired, hence, the first thing that came across my mind when I saw these cute cleansers was, "Aww... Ice-cream! I've gotta have those in my skincare routine!"

If you're like me, having oily to combination skin and perhaps, enlarged pores, you can try out Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser, which has the pink packaging. If you have dry to combination and also sensitive skin, Aloe Amino Acid Cleanser works best for you!

You don't have to worry about hygiene problem since spatula is included in each packaging! Just promise you don't dig your fingers into the cleanser after digging your nose, that's good enough. LOLX! Sorry for the lame joke.

I've tried it and gosh, my skin felt so, so smooth after using it, comparing to my current facial cleanser.

Other than cleanser, make sure you try out their scrub and also makeup remover!

The name of their makeup remover is somehow unique too - Peach Soda Makeup Remover. So, have you ever tried any drink with the combination of peach and soda? If you have, then, this makeup remover smells just like that! I'm not sure about the effectiveness of this makeup remover since I have yet to finish my current makeup removers! Until I'm done with all the existing products, only then, I am allowed to use the new ones!

Craving for scrubs but your skin is just too sensitive? Well, try MBD's Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub. Best of all, unlike the typical scrubs you can find in drugstores, salons or hypermarkets, this scrub is super gentle!

I remember the moment when the friendly promoter applied the mousse onto my back of my hand, I was thinking, "OMG... as if something as gentle as mousse is gonna work to wash away the dead skin!"

After applying you've gotta wait for a while and then, scrub again and pooooff, just like magic, the dead skin will appear! I took back my skepticism! This product actually works and best of all, it's gentleness on your skin!

Yes, read it again, the scrub comes in mousse form, just like whipped cream!

Next up in the list of MBD new products is the mask! Oh... MBD launched two new facial masks if you're not aware of it!

Earl Grey Tea and Macaroon Sheet Mask together with Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask!

OMG... ain't the packaging so cute you can die and go to heaven?!

Sad but these masks are not sold separately. So, in order for us to get a piece of each, we have gotta purchase the Sweet Teatime Mini Set that retails for RM20 when you've purchased RM150 worth of products from MBD during IBE 2011.

Bad news, these sets are not sold separately too if you don't make any purchase.

But don't worry about thinking RM20 is hell lotsa money because other than the 2 new masks, you can get mini sized facial cleanser and also scrub in the set. Hence, 4 items for only RM20, what is there left to grumble about, right?

Earl Grey Tea and Macaroon Mask functions best for brightening and also whitening while Chocolate Truffle Mask works best for those who need firming.

If you're wondering about the prices of these products, here you go...

Amino Acid Cleanser - RM39.90

Vanilla Souffle Scrub - RM69.90

Peach Soda Makeup Remover - RM39.90

Please don't quote me if the prices I've seen during IBE 2011 are different from those you are going to see in Guardian or Watson since these products have yet to be launched in our local drugstores. From what I know, once these products are in market already, prices will be increased a little. Hence, if you've missed out on these star products this time, you can always look forward to it in the next IBE, probably in October or so.

Okay, that's the end of MBD new products. Hence, now, Imma gonna rant about how to differentiate between the original and fake MBD masks. I know a lot of beauty bloggers rant about it but honestly, this is my own version and the promoter did assist me in advising how to differentiate them too!

First, putting them side by side.

Hmmm... maybe you can't differentiate much if I don't put the labels there and if you're first timer in using MBD masks, right?

Anyway, read on...

It can be clearly seen from the pictures above that the opening of the original mask packaging is approximately 1cm or less from the top but for the fake mask, the opening is placed much lower downwards comparing to the original mask.

Aside from that, keep an eye on the imprinted dates!

For the original MBD mask, imprinted date on the back of the packaging can also be seen from the front packaging since the date is printed using hot iron.

Even when it comes to sealing the packaging, the sealing of the original mask from the picture is even comparing to the uneven seal of the fake mask.

Have you tried the scratching test?

If you haven't, take a look at the pictures below...

Well, I talked about imprinted dates, right? For the original mask, yes, the date is printed using hot iron, hence, that is the reason why the numbers show up on the front packaging. If you try scratching the date, it won't come off but for the fake mask, upon scratching, the printed date comes off, leaving stain on your nails!

Erm... if you'd ask me about the texture of the masks, I'm not sure since I didn't open up the masks - I'm just too lazy these days!

Anyway, that would be all for this entry since I'm feeling a little sleepy at McDonald's Kelana Jaya at 12pm. Signing out soon and have a wonderful Wednesday while I'll get my nap, wake up around 5pm and go to work around 6pm!


Isabel said...

Eh? You sure the set isn't sold separately? I just bought a 22pcs mask set comprising of the black pearl, macaron and bulgarian white rose ^_^ The RM28 for 10pcs mask is the old version isit?

Angel Valerie said...

I'm not sure but I was told by the promoter that these mini sets are not sold separately. It actually is free gifts for those purchasing more than RM300 and above.

Since they ran out of body shampoo that day, they had to substitute the mini set with the body shampoo. So, if you wanna buy the mini set that day, first purchase must be around RM150 to RM200.

At least that was the information I've gotten.

Yeah, the RM28 is the older version but hey... at least it's original! LOLX!