Saturday, June 11, 2011

As far as my weekend goes...

I was reading MWS's entry of the weekend and decided to do the poll in my blog. I adore Paris B's entries and found it very informative especially since there are not a lot of beauty blogs you can refer to in Malaysia and she did a great job in keeping all the information most details and stuffs.

So, here goes the poll of the week! If you're interested, you can click on the link above to go to her site - recommended!

Are you into diets and dieting?
As the matter of fact, I am into diets and dieting all the times because I grew up as the fat kid next block. Life was a living hell especially when your family made fun of you and giving you titles such as 'gorilla,' 'king kong' and so on. So, just like Paris B, I tried Atkins Diet and my weight dropped 7kg in 2 weeks, scary but true but when I reverted back to normal diet, poooofff... my weight went up again. It's better to just eat in moderation and if possible, do indulge yourself in exercises even though I don't do it. Fast food is possible but limit it to once every week or once in a fortnight. As for me, the time when I was trying to lose weight, I totally cut off taking fast food for 4 months and guess what? It worked and here I am, being able to ditch a total of 30kg off my initial weight!

Sweet or savoury?

Hmmm... tricky question but I'd prefer sweet. I have a sweet tooth and I love desserts, especially if the dessert looks so mouth-watering! I love ice-creams and I love cakes, yes, make it cheesecake if possible - fattening but once a while will do you good, especially during that time of the month when you're allowed to eat a little more than you usually do. More energy is needed during your dai yee ma's visit, hence, ladies, you can eat more but remember not to overdose yourself with the desserts!

Are you hot tempered?

I guess I am not, I don't get angry easily but once I get angry, there'll be a point of no return because most of the times, the reason why I get angry is that someone whom I thought he or she is a friend and I could trust him or her, ends up cheating me, thus, betraying my trust. So... you'll find me in the most uncomfortable manner of cursing in a psychologically polite way - yes, I don't use foul languages because psychological war is better than foul languages. Lemme repeat, no, I am not hot tempered but please don't step on my tail, that's all.

One beauty item you’ve been experimenting with this week?

No, I did not buy this full bottle because I was skeptical since you know, I am anal about what I slap onto my face. After reading so many wonderful reviews about this foundation, I went to Lancôme's counter at KLCC and this wonderful, wonderful BA, Esther, came to my aid. I tried out this foundation and decided to love it but then again, Esther told me that Teint Idole Ultra has been discontinued in Malaysia and now, she is left with few bottles in stock. I went like, "Aww... how can that be? It's such a wonderful product!" She was so kind - she offered to pump out the tester into a jar for me to try out and aside from that, I was given Teint Miracle Foundation as well. See what I mean when I say kind? LOLX! I love Teint Idole Ultra.

Do you shop online?

This is the cyber age, baby! So, most of my time, if I am not going out, will be spent doing online shopping since all of you know, most of the things in my wishlist are not available within Malaysia. Online shopping is my only solution and I guess majority of us be it guys or ladies, we do online shopping nowadays!

There you go... My answers for Paris B's poll of the week.

Anyway, I've gotten my haircut yesterday. Well... I mean, at least... I've to go to the salon to get a trim especially since my fringe looks like shit now. I was looking at my own reflection in the mirror few days ago and thought to myself, "FML, look at the f*gly hair!"

The last time I was at the salon was on 14th of March 2011 when someone told me bangs is good on me. But I didn't listen to him and get fringe instead of bangs. Hahaha... So this time around, when my fringe touched my cheeks, I've decided to cut it.

Sorry... No proper upfront picture of my new bangs because I am still getting used to the new look. In fact, guess what? I love the bangs! It actually makes me look younger despite the fact that I am reaching 30 soon. LOLX! Yes, I kid you not, I am reaching 30 soon!

End of hair story.

If you're heading to Midvalley this weekend, remember to drop by Sasa because they're having clearance sales for a lot of items from prices as low as RM5 per item! Lioele's products are sold at buy 1 free 1 too!

~ My hauls at Sasa yesterday ~

The sales will be going on until tomorrow, 12th of June 2011 and if you have sudden cravings for perfumes from Bvlgari or even CK or even Issey Miyaki, head down to Sasa at Midvalley. Bvlgari perfumes are sold at around RM110++ so, they're steals!

Anyway, have a great Saturday, peeps and I'll see you all soon!

*picture of MWS poll courtesy of MWS.

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