Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last batch of EH Hauls

I hate it when I cannot do what I've promised myself that I should be doing - I totally sucked at that... Now you know why I will forever in a BAN mode for purchasing stuffs - I've banned myself from shopping online and also from buying more clothes but I can never ban myself from buying too much cosmetics.

Hence, this will be the last batch of hauls from Etude House since their sales and promotion period ended already.

I can never get enough of facial primers and although I'm into matte finish, sometimes, I do get a little crazy and slap on glittery products on my oily face.

A good example would be this makeup essence from EH.

It's something like Guerlain's product but kinda different in the finishing look because this one is much shimmery and glittery, which for me, isn't a good thing but still, sometimes, just like Isabel has put it, "We all get something we don't really need once in a while." Truthfully, I agree with her!

EH's mono eyeshadow is really cheap - RM9.90 but I got it at 30% discount.

Not something I'll use everyday but then again, erm... we all buy something we don't need sometimes, right?

The following item is something I adore...

Blusher! I love, love and love blushers and I'm anal about them, don't you know? Hahaha... This shade is something like Stage's Snapdragon and also NYX's Angel. Now you know why I purchased it. For RM12, who would be complaining even if it's not pigmented enough, right?

I mentioned about I bought EH Collagen BB Cream.

I wasn't sure of the name, so, if you're interested, just refer to the picture above. I haven't officialize it, hence I'm not sure if it works great or not. But the reason for getting it was purely because there's collagen within the product!

Of course the bonus point is that, there's an additional sponge given inside the packaging. Great, this means I won't need to worry about spoiling the sponge, thus having to get a new one!

More of BB Cream-to-powder finishing BB Cream.

This one is adorable that you've gotta get it if it goes on sales again. If you're a Benefit fan and you've been using Gorgeous or whatsoever the name is... this is one similar product!

If you're craving for these limited edition babies, sorry... they're not in the market any longer...

Please don't hate me because I love them! LOLX! Reviews later since I'm not done with the current tints.

I have the tingling sensation of aloe gel on my skin especially after going out on a hot, sunny day!

Hence, this product suits me the most! Need I say more? It's aloe, baby, aloe!

Lip tints that I adore?

Get the 55 Kissful Tint Chou, I bet you'll be going back for more! LOLX! Reviews will come later because I adore this tint though it's not multipurpose!

Besides, I've also gotten facial masks.

I love these masks... well... yes, I love them. I guess I'll be repurchasing these masks even though the original price will shoot up to RM6.90 each in contrast to the promotional price of RM2.40 each.

Love is something you cannot explain, so... if I love it, I'll get it.

Last but not least, the last two pictures of the complete hauls.

Gonna go and get things done now...

Cheers for a wonderful day!

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