Friday, June 3, 2011

Battle of BB Creams from Skin79

BB Creams can mean a lot of things - blemish balm, beblesh balm but for certain people like my brother who's a little bengkok to the hamsap side, he interpreted it as BIG BREAST BALM. Now, you can laugh all you can because according to him, when you use BB Creams, your breasts will appear larger, in which, lemme tell you, my good ol' brother craps a lot sometimes - you should never listen to him!

I guess BB Creams need no further introduction since they're getting more popular, especially in Asian countries. But with the recent hype that BB Creams can improve pigmentation and also wrinkles, BB Creams have penetrated into western countries as well - well, that's something different, Asian cosmetics are getting more popular!

Honestly, I am not a big fan of BB Creams since there isn't one BB Cream in the market that suits my skin tone. Furthermore, most of the times, if I use BB Cream, it tends to oxidize faster than anything else I've applied on my face. At the end of the day, I always end up looking grey in instead of glowy.

I was skeptical about Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream lately but luckily for me I have yet to purchase because I'm still with my Heynature BB Cream. I'll do a review later.

The other day, when I was at Watson at Pavilion, I was surprised to see Skin79 has finally became a drugstore brand.

Since I've always wanted to try out their BB Creams, I'm so glad that testers are provided for each different BB Creams.

Hence, I tested out the four famous BB Creams from Skin79 the other day when I was at Watson.

Not much comment on the texture since I haven't been exposed to a lot of BB Creams all my makeup life. LOLX! I'm really anally crazy, you see... I brought my makeup remover and tried the BB Creams right on the spot - since I don't intend to get any new BB Creams yet. These BB Creams feel light on my skin, in which, I guess, you'll only need a thin layer but coverage is like... a little below average but you can't slap on too much product or else, you'll end up looking like a clown!

I will try to describe each of the BB Cream, so, please bear with me if I can't do it perfectly since I did not buy each of them.

Skin79 Hot Pink

On the whole, this BB Cream is said to suit those with oily skin. I'm not sure since I'm quite skeptical about this one - wrinkle improvement? Perhaps, perhaps! The colour is slightly lighter than the gold version - it doesn't really suit my skin tone, yes, again!
Skin79 Gold

I like this one if I were to compare to the other versions. The colour matches my skin tone quite well, of course before oxidation. I wore this one for the whole day and yes, indeed, it oxidized but not to the extent of turning grey. Hence, me likey! Gonna put it in my wishlist real soon!

Skin79 Total Absolute

Again, this BB Cream comes out quite light and I think if I slap this onto my skin, for sure I'll end up looking like a snowgirl. Gosh! If you are searching for BB Creams with pink undertone, well, this could be the right one for you!

Skin79 The Prestige

The Prestige comes out real light as Total Absolute too but the only difference is that it has yellow undertone which suits most of Asians skintones.

Well, that's it for BB Creams from Skin79. Lemme know how these BB Creams perform on your skin. I'll be glad since I need help in choosing the right BB Cream for my oily and pale skintone.

Do have a great day, people!

Be safe and healthy!


~ Tr3s@ ~ said...

Hi dear,
May i know how much of the Skin79 Hot Pink sold at watson pavilion kl? Because i have been searching so long time at kl, i would like to purchase this product. thanks for ur information.

From Tresa.

Angel Valerie said...

Hi Tresa, thanks for dropping by.

If I am not mistaken, you can get this Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream in quite a number of Watson outlets all over KL and Selangor. Well, I saw it in Watson Midvalley and 1 Utama too.

I think the price should range around RM59 to RM69. It's definitely less than RM70 but if you purchase via Low Yat Net (LYN) forum, you can get it for around RM40 to RM50 plus postage. Definitely worth it but do make sure it's original product!