Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As the matter of fact, I have no intention to do this entry but due to some unwanted circumstances, I need to do this entry for others might fall prey to these two students from KTAR, Setapak. Further more, if I have done this entry and enable it for people to google them up, well... why not make a stop to their scams?

Do the dishes in the picture above look good to you? I bet you won't be swallowing my words for it if they appear to be scammers. Yes, yes, I am not wrong, THEY ARE SCAMMERS!

Just like the guy at Celcom Center would put it, "You people rugi la, already not handsome still wanna scam others and you people kena scam."

For those of you who are studying in KTAR, beware of these two faces because you never know when you'll be the next victim. Now, let's come to the more important part of the entry.

On your left, please meet Mr. Ryan Ooi Zhi Rong, 3rd year student of Diploma in Logistic and Supply Chain Management while on your right, meet Mr. Dexter Tay Kay Jun, 2nd year repeat student in Diploma in Quantity Survey.

KTAR-ians, please give applause to these motherf*ckas because they're in da house, people, give it up, yo!

Not enough of these scammers' details? Well, here you go, you can stalk then and skin them alive!

Ryan Ooi Zhi Rong

Dexter Tay Kay Jun

If you wanna contact them, well... basically you don't need to because somehow or rather, these people are rather stupid. If they're set out on scams, why are they using their REAL identification? Aren't they afraid that it might get back to them? Oh, right, my point is, if you wanna contact them, buzz them up via their pathetic facebook accounts and even if you don't want to contact them, if they've set their eyes on you as their targets - I'm sorry boys and girls, they'll contact you no matter what.

My advice is, if they go to you, fellow KTAR-ians, tell them, "Go and f*ck your mommas because they should be ashamed of having sons like both of you!"

Then again, on the second though, I wouldn't say they're rather stupid, in fact, I think they are purely retards.

Purely retards - like how much do you love this phrase? Me likey!

Why would I know it's real - well, lao niang isn't stupid like them, okay? If lao niang wanna scam others, I will NEVER use my real identity and being caught red-handed! Thus, blame it on their stupidity that this scam went to the heads of their schools and voila, hello Ryan and Dexter, your doom's day is coming soon!

P.S. Foul language is acceptable in this issue because useless retards are meant to be humiliated!

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