Thursday, May 12, 2011

Worst Cotton-On Encounter

Just in case I've never mentioned about it, aside from Forever 21, Kitschen and Nichii, my other favourite hangout retail outlet that sells affordable clothes has to be Cotton On.

C'mon, which one of us doesn't love cheap and affordable clothes that don't make us look ragged? Well, for sure I am one of the girls who loves fashion but, I can't afford to shop high end brands all the times!

Hence, Cotton On has to be in my favourite Top 5 shopping hangouts!

Imagine both dresses above retail for RM59 and RM49 respectively. Well... so much cheaper than Forever 21 of course and yet, still trendy!

Sometimes, Cotton On even offers 50% discount for their existing stocks and they even have promotions like Buy 2 RM75 or stuffs like that. Irresistible, right? Well, I think so too!

Normally, my visits to Cotton On outlets around Klang Valley have forever been pleasant that I always ended up buying something, but during my most recent visit to Cotton On, Pavilion, KL, the attitude of the staff freaked me out and Cotton On, Pavilion, I'm afraid I've to say this but here goes nothing...


Lemme tell you what happened.

On 4th of May 2011, that was last week, I went there with stupid sister because both of us wanted to get a top that we fell in love with when we saw it at Cotton On, Midvalley. It was due to insufficient time that we didn't manage to try the tops on. So, we went to Pavilion the following weekend to pick up the tops.

Little did we know, our encounter with the staff working on that day totally put us off and I swear, I've never met such unfriendly, ignorant and rude staff at other Cotton On-s before! Hey, I used to work for retail outlet too and we were not taught to be rude to our whosoever that walks into the outlet but Cotton On, Pavilion, you've completely shamed yourselves, having such staff!

What happened as soon as we entered the outlet was, I began to look around for a decent dress but even before I could pick out a dress, one of the male staff came up to me and kept on asking, "What dress are you looking for?" "What size do you want?" and bla, bla, bla, yada, yada, yada.

Hey, did your management tell you NOT TO HARASS YOUR CUSTOMERS? I went into your retail because I did not know what you have in store and I would love to look around before picking up a dress and yet, this staff of yours kept on following me everywhere I went and whenever I touched a piece of dress, he kept on repeating, "What dress do you want?"


Couldn't that staff of yours just leave me alone and until I've seen something I like, I'd ask for assistance?

I ditched the idea of finding a dress after that and went to your t-shirts' section with stupid sister instead. So, we saw the tops and immediately, stupid sister reached for the colour and design she wanted while I couldn't find the colour I wanted. So, I asked another female staff of yours, "Do you have this in black? I thought your outlet in Midvalley has it." So, she was busy folding clothes and her answer once again, put me off, "Can't you see if there's no black on the shelves, that means, we don't have it."


Hey, we didn't even open up all the folded shirts and yet, that female staff of yours were so, so rude to us! I only meant to ask a question and yet, she answered me in such a manner? Hey, I am a customer, okay?! I did ask nicely because I was happy that day!

I didn't wanna create a scene with her, hence, I proceeded to head to the fitting room. Okay, nothing special happened in the fitting room but once I came out, stupid sister motioned for me to enter again to give comment on the other tops she was trying on. So, I stood right outside her fitting room, which was the last room on our right.

A moment later, another male staff who was in-charge of the taking care of the fitting room, hastily approached me and said, "You cannot be here if you're not trying, you're obstructing the traffic! You've to go outside and wait."

I was obstructing the traffic? Like how? How did I obstruct the traffic if I DID NOT STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE IN THE FITTING ROOM?!

At that point of time, I was already feeling like smacking all the rude staff in that outlet because they got on my nerve. Normally, I am not someone who can be easily angered but all the staff at Cotton On did a job well done in stepping on my tail with their unfriendliness and also rudeness!

I have a good intention of scolding the rude male staff but stupid sister kept on trying to stop me because she really wanted to buy the top and told me to just keep my sanity.

Did your staff receive training before they officially start working? If so, why did the situation that I've mentioned above happened, some more, on a not so busy week day?

I took a deep breath after that and headed to the cashier counter - no cashier in sight. So, I stood there for at least 5 to 7 minutes but still, no cashier. Lemme repeat, there were not a lot of customers in your outlet that day and I can remember it very clearly because I was the only one standing at the register, waiting for the cashier to show up!


Although the other staff did see stupid sister and I standing right in front of the register, none of them actually motioned or called for the cashier to collect the payment! I really, really was so pissed off at that point of time! Only then, another male staff came, so, he was the cashier that day?! He saw us in front of the register and he made us wait and wait?!


I can still remember so clearly that there weren't a lot of people in your outlet that day! If your staff were delivering such service at the time where there are a lot of customers, I would understand your situation but, lemme repeat again, THERE WERE NOT A LOT OF CUSTOMERS THAT DAY!

That was my WORST encounter with the WORST staff at Cotton On!

After this, I don't think I'll be taking another step back into Cotton On, Pavilion. The team of staff who deliver such service SUCKS and their PR skills seem below zero to me!

Rude, unfriendly, rushy, impatient, bla, bla, bla...

I don't wish to go on about this issue because it is certainly nothing to be proud of, instead the store manager should feel ashamed having to work with such staff. But still, I will be frequenting the outlet in perhaps Midvalley or 1 Utama, at least they are helpful and friendly.

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