Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Forever Young, Forever 21

Admit it, the moment when your age hits 21, that's the moment your sanity will shout, "Merdeka, merdeka!" or "Freedom, freedom!"

Now, you're legally an adult and you can finally get married.

At least that was what I felt when I hit 21 few years back, thinking I no longer need to be under the control of my parents and that, I'm old enough to make my own decisions but then again, after 21, the nightmare begins - the journey into adulthood where you've to graduate, get a job, start earning and living off yourself to pay your loans.


I am in that phase right now.

Still... sometimes, when I'm really tensed or stressed up, the only place I wanna go to is Forever 21. Erm... I am not a nature-loving person nor am I an adventurous or active person. I prefer to be somewhere with air-conditioning. Yes, I'm a lazy pig and I am terrified of sweating.

Now, you'll know the reason why there are a lot of entries about Forever 21 lately. Yes, I've been to all the Forever 21 outlets within Klang Valley recently because yes, I am stressed that I needed my daily dose of stress-killer - window-shopping!

I went there unequipped with cash but somehow or rather, blame it on the credit cards that I've spent a lot in Forever 21 lately - I hate myself! I went into all the outlets in a rage and started trying on a lot of dresses!

Basically, these are the dresses I have tried and loving but I've got no fixed income to get all of them and if I do, the parents are gonna swallow me alive!

Look at the prices and see what I mean. LOLX! Although I wouldn't say they are at all very expensive but they are not really very affordable too but what to do? I love Forever 21's dresses especially and I don't really mind paying for them since they're of better quality comparing to those found in Sungai Wang or Times Square.

Best of all, their sizes can fit me! LOLX! Hahahaha... I can even fit into a S or M size depending on the design. OMG... I am losing weight, darn! Okay, I'm being random, forgive me!

So, in the end, I bought a piece of toga top, a dress and a floral knitted top that these three pieces of clothes cost almost RM300 after the student privilege 10% discount.

*ho mai gawd!*

There goes my monthly spending!

Looks like I'd need to survive through hunger throughout May 2011 since I've used up my pocket money and gosh! What am I going to eat?!

Still, I am dreaming of the Painted Chiffon Maxi Dress because I love it, love, love, love it! I'm trying to restrain myself from going back to Forever 21 because I for sure know that if I step into another Forever 21, I'll definitely spend another RM99 to get that maxi dress even though I don't promise I'll wear it though.

Lesson of a lifetime - make sure you only have one daughter in future or else, if you're a parent, then, you'll be having headache if your daughter is someone like me, makeup junkie and self-proclaimed fashionista. High maintenance is in the list, so... I'm going to be so dead if I don't earn enough to support myself. Hahahahaha.

Then again, Imma gonna make it an effort to wear the dresses I've bought!

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