Sunday, May 29, 2011

More of EH hauls!

If there's one thing that makes me go weak in my knees, it definitely is not love or relationship or any guy... well... I can pretty much deduce that there's NO guy in this world that is worth your tears, ladies. If you're too precious to him, remember, he'll NEVER make you shed even a drop of tears for him for he knows your tears are too precious to be wasted, hence he'd rather keep them.

So, behold... the thing that actually makes me go weak on my knees - cute and cute and still, cute packaging of products!

I know, right? Majority of the girls out there always go like, "Awww... that's so cute!" and then on, they end up getting products that are cute but kinda useless. I call that attitude. LOLX! Believe or that, I fall under that category of girl, hence, at the end of each month, I realize I have so many unused products that serve no purposes but still... gosh... I buy them even if that means I'm one step nearer to bankruptcy. Hahahahaha...

~ Stupid sister and I - nearing bankruptcy ~

I was over at Etude House again, Metro Prima, Kepong last night with stupid sister because there are some other products she wanted to get. Hence, I just tagged along to see if I needed to get anything since they're having sales.

Erm... I should be feeling guilty about my spending but then again, I guess I am yet to feel so. I've been so tensed lately over work, life, studies and also future. The only way for me to get out of this situation for a while is to go out somewhere and I always end up shopping. Aih... my life sucks but then again, when I reconsider, it's not so sucky. Hahaha. At least I get my fair share of happiness from window-shopping and real-time shopping.

Anyway, enough of nonsense. I picked up several items at Etude House again despite having my inner voice kept on telling me, "No, you shouldn't get anything! You have more than enough products to last for another 5 years!" Lemme tell you, this inner voice thing is kinda stupid and useless because like 99% of the time, you'll never listen to your inner voice. LOLX! I'm a good example, right?

Anyway, that is not important. Let's see what we sapu-ed from EH again.

I kid you not, people, the sales and promotional prices are very irresistible and of course, you won't go in without something in hand. Hahahaha... Sounds great, right? No? At least it is for me!

Let's take a closer look at the hauls.

Hey... How you fight off 50% discounts on the items you want, especially if you're running out of skincare products and not ageing gracefully like me. So, it explains why I snapped so many products. Fret not, Imma gonna review some of the items because at the end of the day, hahahaha... not all the hauls belong to me. Stupid sister shared some of the items because this.... is what I actually hauled and nothing more, nothing less.

Total damage to the purse...

Hydro Wrapping Masks 5's - RM12
Nail Enamel - RM5.90 RM2.95
Mini U Size Pore Astringent - RM49.90 RM29.90
Mousse Facial Scrub - RM41.90 RM20.95
Fresh Cherry Tint - RM26.90 RM13.45

The total is RM79.25!

I thought the total would be reaching RM100 but hey, it's not even reaching RM80... phew! Else, mum is gonna chop me up into 100 pieces and feed me to the cats at home! Hahahaha!

Anyway, gonna blog again later... gonna go back to EH again, again, again to get the limited items!

Have a great Monday and don't be blue, alright?


Isabel said...

crap.. so cheap =_= dun tempt meeeeeeeee!!!

Angel Valerie said...

mana ada... i went back to EH again la, Isabel. this month sure die, i tell you. bankrupt-ed-ed and -ed. Hahahahaha... later i'll blog about it!