Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hauls and hauls!

Okay, I admit it, I love shopping.

In fact, I always go delirious whenever I see something I want stroke need stroke like stroke love stroke must buy. End of story.

LOLX - lame but true, I guess that's what majority girls do - they see something they want stroke need stroke like stroke love stroke must buy and then, they end up not using that something. Sounds familiar, right?

Owh, but this time around, I am sane, lemme repeat, I AM SANE enough to make decisions on what to buy and what not to buy!

I adore Sasatinnie's Apple Aqua Gel! Well... I'm finally done with the existing bottle!

The texture of this moisturizer is just amazing because it keeps my skin moisturized without that sticky and oily feeling. I was on Skin Doctor previously and hated it so much that I kinda threw it away after using it for like a week or so but this moisturizer is just something someone like me will like! So... I was mentioning, I'm done with this product already!

I know you don't trust me, hence, I've taken a picture to share it with you!

Can you see the empty apple-inspired packaging? LOLX! I kid you not, right, right? You should have trust me! Hahaha!

Yes, it finished a week ago and now I'm on Nature Republic's Green Tea Moisturizer. The packaging of it is something like the un-cute version of Tony Moly's Ice-Queen Series.

I shall mention about the Green Tea Moisturizer in next entry. So, yes! You've seen the empty packaging!

Hence, it means, it's time for more hauls since I am done with quite a number of products lately! Imma gonna blog about the finished products in next entry since May 2011 is coming to an end already!

So, today, stupid sister and I went to 1 Utama and spent the entire day there. Can you actually believe it? We freaking paid RM3 for the parking there when previously, for the 6 years I've been in KL or PJ, I've never paid more than RM1 for parking in 1 Utama. I guess we must have spent like erm... a good 7 hours there? Gawd... shopping is so sinful, just like chocolates!

Haul time!

Yes, my hair products from d' Hair Shop are finishing soon, especially the tonic but for RM39.90 to be spent on 120ml worth of product, erm... I'll have to reconsider. Even if they're having 50% off selected items, still, it's a little pricey. Hence, I'm gonna go back and get Audace's hair tonic soon - loving it's minty feeling and for RM46.90 or something like that, you'll be able to get around probably 250ml worth of product!

Anyway, most of the haul of today is for haircare - I know, you'll be thinking, "This girl's hair looks perfectly fine, why would she need so many haircare products?" Well, hello, ever heard of a Malay idiom that goes, "Rambut adalah mahkota wanita?" Hair or hairstyle can completely changes the way you look and for your information, my hair is insured!


I was pulling your legs.

Part of the reason why I hauled so many haircare products is that they're having promotions, meaning they're having price reductions of RM6 to RM15 at least! Hey, that's so worth it, okay?!

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner retail for RM16.90 each but I got them for RM10.88 each at Guardian! So, they're like around RM6 cheaper, so, why not just stock up since my shampoo from d' Hair Shop is gonna finish soon too!

Other than that, I hauled Sasatinnie Apple Aqua Gel too - promotion - buy one at normal price, buy second at only RM10. In which, it means, RM25 per product for the Fruit Garden Series.

The lady speed sticks that you're seeing in the picture... erm... I adore the smell because they smell like baby powder in which I've been trying to look for them for quite some time already but couldn't find it - luckily Guardian is carrying them at only RM5.50 each! So, I sapu-ed the last two!

Anyway, lemme just list the price if you're interested to get some of the items since they're having sales and promotions!

Guardian Limited Time Sales

TRESemme 900ml Shampoo - RM29.90 RM19.98
TRESemme 900ml Conditioner - RM29.90 RM19.98
Clairol Herbal Essences 300ml Shampoo - RM16.90 RM10.88
Clairol Herbal Essences 300ml Conditioner - RM16.90 RM10.88


Clairol Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Silky Leave in Cream - RM13.90 RM6.95
Clairol Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Treatment - RM13.90 RM6.95
Charles Worthington Shampoo 75ml - RM9.90 free 75ml CW Conditioner


Fruit Garden Series - RM39.90 on first buy, RM10 second buy
Wheat Hair Conditioner - RM19.90, buy one free one

Etude House

EH Lipstick - RM36.90 50% discount
EH Nail Lacquer - RM11 50% discount
Black Head Final Kit - RM55.90 50% discount
Eyelashes - Rm14.90 to RM18.90 50% discount
Pudding Eyeshadow - RM19.90 RM8
Moistfull Sleeping Mask - RM31.90 50% discount
Moistfull Peeling Wash - RM26.90 50% discount
Aqua Gel - RM29.90 with the purchase of RM80++
Mousse Scrub - RM41.90 50% discount

Argh... I can't remember all the prices there, hence, it's better for you to check them out on your own since their products, for me, are categorized under affordable range. Well... of course if you're expecting something like Sephora, you should just go to Sephora instead of Etude House.

Honestly, I've tried several masks from Etude House - not bad and the essence from the mask can be absorbed easily by our skin. For a mere RM12 for 5 pieces of masks, it's worth it!

Oh, if you're wondering how much I've spent - not exceeding RM100 inclusive or car petrol and parking, hence... what say you?

Anyway, done with the haul and Imma gonna check out my cousin's Lioele counter either at The Mall or Sg. Wang tomorrow. Let's see if I'm able to wake up or not - wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend, people! I shall talk to you guys soon!

Good night to the late owls and good morning to the early birds!

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