Tuesday, May 17, 2011

International Beauty Expo 2011

So, I spent the entire day at KL International Beauty Expo 2011 at KLCC for the whole of yesterday. Thus, I spent quite a lot - there goes my salary for this month!

Honestly, that wasn't my intention - I was planning to go to Kinokuniya to get a book but it just so happened that I saw this IBE 2011 banner being hung somewhere nearby KLCC and I was a little excited to be honest.

Hence, I kinda ran to the convention center and little did I expect I'd end up carrying so many stuffs back home - typically and uniquely me!

So, here are pictures of hauls of the day!

If you don't know yet, Essence has made it into Malaysia's market via CociCoci. If I'm not mistaken, their products retail at around USD$2.99 and above. Quite affordable, right? So, you can all scream your lungs out because their makeup and skincare products retail around RM10 to RM30. I was lucky that I went to IBE because these products will only be officially launched in June 2011, price will be increased as I was told.

The haul from CociCoci didn't even cost me more than RM70 actually. I was eyeing their new eyeshadow primer but then again, the new collection with the eyeshadow primer will only be launched in June too.

Stupid sister went nuts when she saw Tsubasa's eyelashes.

Buy one for RM55, buy two for only RM95 - you tell me, is it worth it or not? Some more, we were given a lot of samples to try out. A lot of the makeup products from the booth were being sold at 50% discount!

So, for girls who are eyeling My Beauty Diary products, well... they've finally launched their new skincare products - ice-cream inspired facial cleanser and mousse inspired facial scrub!

What can I say? They have one of the most unique ideas ever! Their products smell wonderful. Hahahahaha... now you know why we hauled like crazy after knowing that with the purchase of RM150 and above, we are entitled to purchase unlimited facial masks for only RM28. Normal prices range from RM39.90 to RM49.90 during IBE 2011.

What are you waiting for, girls?

If you're eyeing deals after deals, head to IBE 2011 at KLCC since 17th May 2011 is the last day of the expo!

I'm thinking of going back there to grab certain products too! If you bump into me, do come and say 'hi' because yes, I am friendly! LOLX!

Oh, ya... I did manage to get my book from Kinokuniya! Hahaha... Spent RM39.90 on it and I'm so broke now!

Have a great week ahead!

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