Thursday, April 14, 2011

Imagine me without you...

Sometimes, we can't deny but in life, things do happen for various reasons.

There are times when I don't really agree with what life is in for me but human beings can only plan but God is still the one who decides in the end.

True enough, I might be mad at all the bad things that come my way but still, just like any one of you out there, no matter how helpless, mad or angry you are towards everyone and everything, life still goes on.

Thus, I told myself, be it happy or sad, I will make myself happy because yes, life goes on no matter what. I bet if you are given options - to be sad or to be happy, I'm sure you'll go with to be happy, right?

Yes, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away, hence, a smile a day, keeps the wrinkles away! That's my philosophy of course, you don't really need to agree with me.

I guess God heard my prayers after all these times and He brought you back into my life at the time I thought everything was going to fall apart.

Thank you, Lord for answering my prayers.

At the same time, I'm feeling a little heavy-hearted. I'll be leaving for a short trip to Langkawi over a week and this time around, I wish I could cancel the trip because I know I'll be missing you so, so much.

Sighs... at the end, still, I know I need to get back to reality and I'll be leaving you behind for a week.


I wish we could spend more time together but I guess we'd have to pass for this week too since you'll be having a full schedule. No matter how heavy-hearted I am, I know we won't be seeing each other for two whole weeks until I return from Langkawi.

Two weeks might seem short for others but for me, it feels like eternity. Honestly, there are so many things playing about in my mind right now.

I'm scared inside out.

I'm scared over the two weeks we are apart, things may just change. I'm scared to be far away from you. I'm scared I'd need to go through the same phase if bad things ever happen again. I'm scared, really scared...

I've lost you once and I really can't imagine losing you again because I really cannot imagine me without you.

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