Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Workshop

Right, everyone knows I'm idiots over FREE stuffs! I mean, which one of you out there doesn't love FREE stuffs, right? Free is always the best word in my dictionary although I'm aware that there's no free lunch in this world. Anyway, there are always exceptions.

Last weekend, yes, my birthday weekend, Benefit Cosmetics offered a FREE workshop for 24 lucky girls who called for reservations at Pavilion, KL. I'm glad I was one of the fastest. Hahaha... When it comes to FREE stuffs, I can be damn semangat, okay?

Guess what? FREE cupcakes!

Stupid sister was damn ecstatic about the whole idea of going to the workshop and when she saw the free cupcakes, she went wild. She asked, "Eh, can tapao or not?"

See what I mean?

The workshop was led by Amy. Well, I don't really know her but she introduced herself as Amy and she's really pretty and classy - very down-to-earth and funny person! Other than Amy, all BAs at Benefit Counter, Pavilion were so friendly!

They really took their time to teach all the participants about the right methods to apply makeup. Other than makeup, we were taught on how to apply skincare products as well. Ah, that's a bonus for me!

~ Amy, demonstrated how sponge should be used to apply cream foundations ~

~ PX was so focused on the makeup techniques taught by Amy ~

I have to admit I'm like thousand of other girls out there. When Benefit Cosmetics first launched in Malaysia, I fell in love with the packaging - super cute and chio!

My first Benefit product that was given to me by my aunt was one of the fragrances called Magic or whatsoever. I can't find it in the website any longer. I remember how much I loved the scent but too bad I can't stock up, hence, from Benefit, I switched to Burberry Fragrances.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, here are the products that all of us tested during the workshop and I've just gotta admit that I love some of the products!

So, among all the products, I'd say I'm super duper in love with two of them - Benetint and also The POREfessional.

The POREfessional is AMAZING, yes, SIMPLY AMAZING, especially to those of you who wants to hide or blur out your open pores so that foundation can glide on your skin easily and smoothly. The end result with this primer is just like MAGIC. I've already put it in my HG list and the price is RM120.

As for Benetint, we all know that it is a lip and cheek tint. Well, it works great on the cheeks but I'm not sure how it'll look on the lips because I love it on my cheeks, that's all. Surely one of my to-go products! Not sure of the price of this one though because I bought it several years back and when I re-used it again, I realized I'm still loving it.

On the whole, boi-ing isn't too bad too but it's so, so, so creamy that a little goes a long way but I was silly enough to dip the whole brush into the concealer thinking, "Darn, this concealer looks so dry!" Hence, I ended up with the whole brush full of concealer. Laugh all you want at my blurriness.

I guess for concealer, I still prefer my Stage's.

So, this is the finished look that we were taught to create - natural and chic.

It might seems like I don't have any eyeshadows on but yes, I had two colours on my lids and also eyeliner! Anyway, it doesn't really matter.

Thank you, Benefit Cosmetics, Malaysia, for offering FREE workshops! Thank you to Amy and team for their patience!

Let's go back to The POREfessional since I absolutely love this product. I've good intention to go back and get a tube but RM120 is a total ripoff. Then again, I have RM50 voucher. So, should I get or not?

The best thing about this product for me is that it really makes my pores smaller and my skin looks even. At the same time, it decreases the wrinkles on my expression lines. Yes, no jokes! You can almost see the effect immediately after application!

Thus, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want The POREfessional!

Another great point is that it lasts the whole day! True, true, no bluffing! I applied it during the workshop and okay, the eyeshadows and concealer kinda worn off after 8 hours or so but the foundation still stayed on - pores were still invisible even when I went out at night!

A picture paints a thousand words! What I did was just to touch up my eyeshadows using Shiseido's palette, a little bit of my Stage concealer with Milani Luminous for a glamorous shine on my cheeks and also re-apply my favourite NYX Lip Lacquer Pot in Sweet Pea - voila, done!

Another close-up picture for you!

Alright, that was me - heading out for my final date during my birthday weekend. Lucky guy friend got all the attention because I was dressed to kill! LOLX! I mean, I was supposed to get the attention since it was my birthday, right? Hahaha... We went to this Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant at Bangsar Village and super enjoyed my meal!

Okay, enough of it... Gonna end this entry with one very bimbotic picture!

Have a wonderful week ahead, people!

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