Thursday, April 21, 2011

I miss you...

I'm back from Langkawi finally and though it was a tiring trip, my heart never stopped missing somebody. If there was something that I did that completely made me stopped thinking about him for a while, the answer would be NONE.

He's been on my mind throughout the trip and how I wished he could be there with me, even if it was just to witness the sunset.

Sunset felt forever without him. At the moment I was sitting by the beach, watching the sun setting, I couldn't help myself but to wonder, "What are you doing right now? Are you busy with work? Do you miss me?"

I wished and wished I would be able to see him again really soon because I just couldn't stop myself from thinking about him all the times. It was just like everything I did, I could relate to him. I hoped I could fly back to KL at the moment I missed him so, so much.

The moment I got down the plane this morning, I wished he'd be the first person I was going to see but somehow or rather, it was impossible. How I wished I could just catch a glimpse of him at that time.

Even as of now, when I'm blogging about it, I wish he'd at least drop a line because I seriously miss him so, so much... What should I do?

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Aimi said...

why not ask his opinion/help about something? ;) ..and then thank him for it.