Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy birthday, Angel!

Hey, all!

Yes, just as the title would say it, "I'm a year older on this day, finally."

So, I guess, I'm a year wiser?

Hopefully. LOLX!

Let's see how did I spent my birthday in 2011.

Gosh, looks like I've been eating a lot since Wednesday because everyone celebrated my birthday earlier since, my big day is on Sunday, which is today and tomorrow, it'll be blue Monday where everyone will be feeling gloomy!

Went to Kuchai Lama for buffet steamboat with some good ol' friends!

Sorry for the terrible expressions and poses. We were sweating like mad due to the heat and all! Still, I think of all the girls were looking hawt, I know, I know! Damn perasan, right?

Thank you.

Then, future brother-in-law came all the way from JB and spent the following birthday celebration at Jogoya, Starhill...

I admit, I'm getting more and more useless with it comes to food. I stopped eating after the first half an hour and decided, "No, I'm beaten!"

Hence, I sat there for another 2 hours or so, watching the others gobbling down the food.

When I was going through the pictures a while ago, all of a sudden, I realized I've forgotten to do something yesterday!

I'm supposed to take pictures with someone when we went out together yesterday but I totally have forgotten all about it hence, sighs... sien, sien, sien... I should smack myself for not taking a picture with him!

Mr. Vern, if you're reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this a birthday to remember! Thank you so, so, so much for spending the day with me and making it meaningful. I truly appreciate every little effort!

Gah, I really couldn't express my heartfelt gratitude to all your efforts - it's something beyond words could explain.

*teary eyes*

I need tissues, Mr. Vern!

So, thank you, thank you and thank you once again!

When I got home, my brother and the housemates had a surprise for me and yes, bestie and boyfriend bought me a birthday cake too!

Hahahaha... two birthday cakes for 2011 - more satisfied than ever!

So, next year, Imma gonna anticipate homemade birthday cake from someone. Hey, mister! If you're reading this, you've one year to learn to bake cheesecake for my birthday next year! Hahahaha... I'll be looking forward to it!

*claps hands*

Now you see my ugly naked face without foundation or anything on!

You're right, I'm in my pajamas. LOLX! Hey, that's what you wear when you're at home, right, right?

The following day, which is today...

I woke up early and went to Pavilion for a workshop conducted by Benefit Cosmetics and spent the entire morning at the counter, dolling myself up and after that, of course, followed by camwhoring session with bestie who came all the way from JB!

LOLX! Damn touched this time around. She traveled all the way from JB just to spend a few hours on 10th of April with me and rushed back to JB because work starts tomorrow. PX, I'm gonna cry already! You're truly my soulmate, my true love!

After the workshop, we went to Wong Kok for a short gathering over lunch and had my gigantic milk tea.

Hey, look! I was on the phone with Sharon when stupid sister took the picture above! I kinda like the picture! Angel's on the line, listen to who you're speaking to! Woot, woot!!!

A last picture with bestie!

Yeah, right before she left for JB and Imma gonna miss her... I don't know when I'll be seeing her again after this...

Anyway, happy birthday to me and thank you everyone, for the wishes, time and effort spent in making my big arsed birthday possible!

I am happy because old people like me deserve to be happy!

Ciao, have a great remaining of your weekend, people!

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