Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shills Pores Hide & Heal Cream

After reading Muse's review on this product, I went ahead and ordered few of Shills products from Taiwan. I know this product looks like some kinda dupe from Benefit's Dr. Feelgood, but I guess, it's worth a try even though you're not a fan of dupes.

Hence, if you wanna know the differences between Dr. Feelgood and Pores Heal & Hide Cream, do click on the link above.

I can't comment much on Dr. Feelgood since I have yet to set my hands on it due to it's price. Yes, I can be pretty cheapskate sometimes but hey... life is all about exploring, right? Boy, am I glad I've found this product!


Okay, let's go into the review.

Basically, when you've started using this product for quite some time, it'll look like this if you're as messy as I am.

Shills Pores Hide & Heal Cream is something like a primer - you've to put this on before applying your foundation and concealer. Just like Muse has said, it's something like tinted balm. If you're thinking of not applying foundation, yeah, you can do so but you'll have to apply your loose powder over it.

Upon application, it may feel a little greasy but after some time, it feels lightweight.

Lemme show you a picture of before and after application...

For the before picture, if you can enlarge it, you may notice how large and horrible my pores look! Eew, gross!

No wonder makeup is a girl's best friend!

As for the after application picture, pores are less noticeable while complexion is brightened. Since your complexion has been brightened, that's the reason why you will need to layer it with your favourite foundation!

I did notice, when I was applying it the other day, it did make my under eye circles less obvious and horrible and vegetable.

Now, another picture!

What you're seeing on your left, I've applied the balm while on your right, it was my BARE face without anything on!

Regarding the lasting power of this balm, it turns out great for my skin! My foundation stayed longer when I was using it and yes, love it!

Lemme share with you on the removing process!

See... there is basically NOTHING on my cotton pad. I wet that cotton pad with my cleansing oil and when I removed it, there wasn't even any sticky residue or anything!

You might be thinking, "It probably wears off already!" but you're wrong. I applied it just for review's sake and removed it immediately!

So, what say you?

What I don't like about this product is the packaging!

If only Shills can come up with a separate partition to place the sponge, I'll be more than happy!

What happened was, when I first opened the product, the cap got stuck and after putting in more strength, I broke my nails! FML! I kept my nails for CNY purposes but I broke 3 of my nails!

Then, when I was in the mid of trying to use this product for the first time, I didn't know there was a layer of paper on top of the product, hence, I digged and what happened was, all the product in the can got to the side due to the pressure I've used. What?! I know I'm rough but I didn't know that was a paper, okay?!

Hate the packaging!

Other than the packaging... Me love this product!

I should have bought more than two though!

Product - 4 out of 5
Packaging - 2 out of 5
Availability - Shills @ Times Square or LYN Forums
Re-purchase - OMG, YES!!!


Isabel said...

Wow I can see the difference in the pore size.. But then it also appears to leave a white/blue cast on your face?

Angel Valerie said...

True, true. That's why I can't use it alone without foundation. It serves as a primer to me. I still need foundation.