Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lemming towards NYX

Update - NYX products can now be bought at Colours Cosmetics if you are from Malaysia and Singapore!

Darn... looks like it's that time of the year again where NYX has released new products! Thus, I'm lemming towards their new products now!

~ NYX HD Eye Shadow Base ~

I heard the review for this thing is not bad. It's QUITE similar to UDPP but it's only a portion of the price of UDPP. So, isn't it great or anything?

I wanna try this!

Silicon based primers are good, I heard...

~ NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer ~

Hence, there's silicon in this product to smooth out those fine lines and also to fill in your large pores to give you a flawless look after your daily foundation application.

Isn't it great?

I should put this in my wishlist!

I love lipsticks but lip glosses aren't my IN thing.

~ NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ~

Or at least for this product, the reviews I heard are good. So, I think I'll be getting one of these to try out when my income has stabilized.

USD$6 for each, okay? That means after tax and all, one of these will be costing around RM30.

Remember I told you guys about how anal I am towards blushers?

~ NYX HD Studio Grinding Blush ~

I'm really falling in love with their packaging - sleek and sexy! I want these blushers - all of them but then again, I don't think I'll need all of them since they're a little on the pricier side of NYX products.

English Rose, please!

Finally, NYX came up with another new palette for you neutral colours lovers!

I'm loving this palette because it comes with 20 eyeshadows and 10 lip colours!

Since my birthday is coming up, is there anyone who's willing to send this to me?


Isabel said...

Oh god.. Companies need to stop coming out with new stuff to tempt us T_T

I've heard good things about the new NYX HD stuff! But apparently the lip cream wasn't good?

Reply : Thanks to my lovely camera.. wakakakaka!! =x And sieving through tonnes of them to choose good looking ones LOL

Yes! But haven try.. Control.. Must.. Finish.. Old one first.. I'm also eyeing DHC & Pure Beauty ones! Wonder if they're good.

Urgh.. Don't say that. I'm worse! I haven't read any blogs for 4 days! They're piling up on my dashboard & email. Gonna start now lol

Angel Valerie said...

LOLX! I have the same thought as you. Hahaha... HD products, I want them all but my ka-ching is limited. Hence, I can only consider which to get and which not to. BTW, there's NYX HD spree from NYX Cosmetics (Unofficial) right now if you're interested.