Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Raspberry Cheesecake

I nailed it... NOT!

Hahahaha... Spent the entire day at Jusco, Carrefour and Cold Storage, trying to find some FRESH raspberries but I didn't come across any! Grrr...

Why can't these people just bring in raspberries? I need raspberries!

Okay, so the reason is obviously, for this year, I've promised somebody that I'd bake a Raspberry Cheesecake for his birthday. Since birthday is like 2 months from now, I have a grace period in between to practice. LOLX!

Fancy a person like me would go all the way, trying to bake the so-called PERFECT raspberry cheesecake. Okay, lemme add something to it - a baking noob like me.

~ This is the ever so noob-ish me, baking in the kitchen ~

At least I got proof that I can bake too! Yeah, Imma gonna learn how to bake from now on. Stupid sister was telling me, "Other than typical butter cakes, you can't bake anything else!"

True enough... this was the result...

My Raspberry Cheesecake was a little bit burnt. LOLX! Hey, it's still edible, okay? At the very least, he said he'd eat it no matter what - well, it's a type of support, okay?

*pats self*

It's not as bad as it looks - really, I mean it. If only I could share with all the readers out there, it'd be really great but, since I can't do so, I might just upload it so that you can feast with your eyes!

This is the end result.

Burnt middle finger and also thumb. LOLX!

I swear, I was thinking about something VERY important when all of a sudden, I didn't realize I put my fingers into the oven! Oh, geez... stupid me and my thoughts!

End of story about cheesecake and fingers... on the other note, I think my hardwork of trying to lose weight did pay off a little - not much.

Shall maintain my hardwork so that I could reach my ideal weight really soon!

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