Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Little Black Dress

"Darn, I've got no UUMMPPHH dress for the big day!"

You know, we girls always worry about not having the PERFECT dress for our first dates.

Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the BIGGEST problem in my life - I am a noob at first dates!

"OMG... I have no nice dresses!"

"OMG... I can't do my own makeup!"

"OMG... I'm bad listener!"

"OMG... I don't know what to tell him!"

Okay, I'm like a TOTAL noob now, you may proceed to laugh at me!


That is the time when The Little Black Dress will come into the picture! Which one of us, girls, don't love The Little Black Dress? Black is the new pink, green, yellow, blue, whatever! It'll make you look slimmer and leaner and of course, classier and more elegant!

The other day, when I was supposed to hunt for one, ended up in Forever 21 at Pavilion, falling in love with this shirt.

Mickey-kisses-Minnie shirt and I love it. Priced at RM75, I made up my mind on not getting it since with RM75, I can get The Little Black Dress already!

I freaking, freaking love this shirt, okay? When I went back to F21 a week later, no more stocks left. I mean, WTF, so laku meh?

Looks like our destiny ended there - goodbye Mickey-kisses-Minnie shirt, I'm gonna keep you in my memory!

Hence, yesterday, I went to Cotton On and spotted two lovely black dresses!

I love the dress above - well, I should be because I love the detailing on the sleeves - lace, baby, lace! I love anything with lace! I'm anal about laces! The dress is priced at RM59 but I didn't get this piece because I don't like the elasticity of it around my waist - makes my waist looks enormous when it's not.

Then, tried on the second black dress...

Fell in love immediately. Hahahahaha... I'm anal about being sexy too. Hey, I didn't get to be sexy back then, okay? It's only now, I get to be a little more sexier than back then. Hahaha. That's my life for you.

With the price of RM49, hey, don't you want to get it? Yes, I bought it, baby! OWNAGE! Chopped and certified it belongs to me now!

Well, this little black dress is certainly NOT for everyday wear but yeah, I have it for my first dates in future. Oops, I shall wear it anytime I like!

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