Thursday, March 3, 2011

Battle of Eyeliners

I've been contemplating to post this entry for quite some time already. Yeah, I'm a procrastinator and the thief of time, hence it explains why this entry has never been posted for like... hmmm... 2 months?

Anyway... again, I'm anal about blushers but I hate it when my eyeliners smudges and transfer themselves onto my lower lids. In worse case of transference, I end up looking like a sleep-deprived person or better known as panda-eye effect.

I hate it when I'm not aware that these liners came off - uh... isn't that annoying?

By the way, I love my hair today, it looks so straight and nice, don't you think so too? LOLX! I didn't straighten or anything, just brush through my hair and let it air-dried before putting on some serum from d' Hair Shop.

~ Look, it's me with my NAKED face! ~

If you don't know yet, I love hair care products from d' Hair Shop but alas, d' Hair Shop is only available for purchase if you're staying somewhere nearby KL since the outlets are only available at Pavilion and also Midvalley.

Okay, enough of hair ramblings!

We're going into the highlight of today - eyeliners!

As the matter of fact, I collect eyeliners as much as I collect blushers. Hahaha... anal, anal, anal, anal about eyeliners too!

So, lemme just go through the eyeliners one by one and what are my thoughts regarding the products.

Solone Magic Waterproof Eye Pencil

Solone is not a very well-known brand, I'd say. I came across a forumer in LYN selling this and my initial thought was, "Gosh, these pencils look promising!" Further more, it's stated that they're waterproof!

I had these since 2 weeks ago and been using them on everyday basis just to try out their claimed waterproof-ity and smudgeproof-ity. LOLX!

Basically, the picture you're seeing below, on the left, there are swatches of the shades I own while on your right, that will be what happened after I rubbed and rubbed them really hard.

It smeared off a bit after being rubbed and honestly, I don't think this is a bad eyeliner. I did not try rubbing under running water because honestly, hey, how often do you cry having eyeliner on? Of course, exception if you boyfriend proposes to you and stuffs like that?

The black eyeliner seems more solid and long-lasting if being compared to purple eyeliner. You've gotta decide on your own from the picture above.

One thing that really disturbs me is that this eyeliner CANNOT be applied onto your waterline because, it just wouldn't go on no matter how hard I tried!

I guess waterproof-ity for this eyeliner is totally a fail!

Total score - 3 out of 5 stars!

Stila Kajal Eye Liner

Okay, Stila Kajal Eye Liner is a very much sought after products for youtube gurus. I thought it'd perform amazingly on me as well but alas, this eyeliner is my least favourite if compared to others.

It smudges like no tomorrow. This is worse than UD 24/7 and I always end up looking like a dead panda! FML! I hate this eyeliner!

Luckily I didn't get it in full size or else Imma gonna regret full-time, having to spend so much on a product that doesn't work on me! As for pigmentation, this is heavenly because it's so pigmented that you cannot imagine how pigmented it is!

Hey, I paid RM25 for the travel-sized product, okay? It's NOT cheap considering it's only a mini version!

The tip is so soft that it becomes very, very annoying because you can't get precise line with this product. Further more, right after lining your eyes, this product gets a little clumpy and start falling on my cheeks. Then, when I try to blur out the edges, it sticks to my fingers like EVERYTIME!!!

I've had enough of this eyeliner and WILL NEVER purchase it again ever!

Total score - 1 out of 5 - horrible!

Physicians Formula Gel Liner

I'm too lazy to type the full name of this product as the name alone is too long! You should google it up if you're interested.

This is my first gel liner. I was hooked to it ever since I got it because it does glide on smoothly for a gel liner and it doesn't get clumpy too. The brush is easy to use and I love it! The colours are hella pigmented. If you don't believe me, try googling it up somewhere, you'll love the colours!

Exception for the brown liner, black and purple are the most solid colours. They only wear off a little upon rough rubbing and so. I did try rubbing them under running water. It smudges a little but not much.

If you're thinking of applying this on your waterline, yeah, it works pretty well on my waterline - minimal smudging!

Total score - 4 out of 5 stars - go and get this now!

Kate Super Sharp Liner

This is seriously my best liquid eyeliner ever, ever, ever and I swear, I will never doubt it or change to another liquid eyeliner!

Hey, this is good stuff, hence, I should share with you all!

The tip of the brush is super sharp, hence, it explains why I can always get the line as precise as I want it to be. You can never be wrong with precise lines! You get FULL control of the lines you're about to create, now how good can it get?

The lasting power is SUPER impressive, okay?!

I applied it in the morning during CNY and when I was removing it around 10pm or so, it still sat still! No smudges or anything! Even water CANNOT remove this eyeliner. You've to use oil-based makeup remover!

How can you not love a splendid product this this eyeliner?

Total score - 5 out of 5 - go and get this already!

ELF Shimmer Pencil

I was very skeptical about purchasing this product initially but I bought four of them in the end to test out.

I can't say I'm in love with them but they have their strengths and weaknesses.

The things I don't like about these liners are that they're NOT smudge or water proof. But at least they're not as messy as Stila Kajal Eyeliner. Then again, I don't fancy the packaging. ELF should have included a fully-covered cap instead their current packaging. The product will get dried out very fast with their current packaging!

Me don't likey!

You can't use these liners on your waterline but you can always use them on your lower lashline, right? You can't do it with Stila Kajal Eyeliner because it'll get really, really messy that you might as well remove your whole makeup!

The liner glides on REALLY SMOOTHLY and it's very, very pigmented!

Total score - 2 out of 5!

Stage Eye Liner

I tried Stage's eyeliner on my waterline, without hoping it'd last so long. I went to Stage Cosmetics and applied it on my waterline to test it out around 12pm and when I got home around 8 hours later, to my horrific happiness, it was still there!

So, the next day, I rushed to Stage as soon as the outlet was opened and bought 2 of these!

They're not exactly smudge proof but they're waterproof, alright? This is byfar my best pencil eyeliner! I'm super in love with their eyeliners that I told stupid sister about it. Thus, she ended up purchasing 3 of them!

Total score - 4.5 out 5 - go and get it now!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Well... as much as this product has created hypes in youtube and also the beauty communities across the world, I'm not really in love with it. Remember, I'm anal about eyeliners too, okay?

This might not be UD's best product but UD does have another best products like UDPP and their eyeshadows.

Yes, you can apply this product on your waterline but it doesn't stay put for more than an hour or so for me. Hence, it gets annoying even though it doesn't transfer to my lower lids or anything. But still, it's way better than Stila Kajal Eyeliner. Sorry, Stila, me don't love your Kajal Eyeliner.

Total score - 3.5 out of 5!

That marks the end of my eyeliners' story. If you were to ask me to make a list of which eyeliners to get, I'll only choose 3 from each category - liquid, pencil and gel.
  1. Kate Super Sharp Liquid Eyeliner - probably around RM39.90
  2. Stage Pencil Eyeliner - RM45
  3. Physicians Formula Gel Liner - RM35 or USD$10.99
So, what are your favourite eyeliners?

Oh, oh, oh... since I'm very much in love with Stage Pencil Eyeliners, I grabbed the opportunity to purchase their lip liners too!

I don't know about you but these are pure loves! I applied this as base for my lipsticks and lipglosses and after jumping around, eating, drinking and aherm, kissing the wall, the lip liner was still in tact!!!

Yeah, the lipsticks and lipglosses wore off but the lipliners were still there!

Isn't it amazing?

Hahahaha... I'm trying to promote Stage but don't worry, I don't get paid to review.

Anyway... here's the haul of the day at Watsons and Daiso.

I need to ban myself from shopping once again but... hey... shopping is a girl's best friend, especially if you've been down, like me, right?

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