Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yeah, I'm 2 days late. My biological isn't functioning well and yeah, so, I am late but who cares? White Valentine was yesterday and I celebrated it with a few close friends and I am glad these friends come about in my life!

I guess I am entitled to be a little bit emotional this time around, right?

Talking about relationships, well... it has been like 2 years since I last got into a relationship and honestly, when I'm saying things like, "I don't plan on getting attached," and stuffs like that, I could be living in denial, you know?

The biggest fear that set me back from getting into a relationship would be meeting Mr. Wrong. I've been there and yeah, failures after failures and worst of all, if you bump into a Mr. Idiotic or Mr. Playboy, you'll be doomed for life. Honestly, I've been with both types of guys and I've even dated Mr. Jerk, Mr. Living-in-Denial and also Mr. Cheapskate.

Mum often tries to cheer me up when it comes to relationship because she knows how much I fear meeting the wrong guy again. I am scared but most of the times, I'd pretend I don't really care just in case she'd stir in some totally unrelated questions.

Hence, I'm always being directed these questions from fellow relatives, "When are you going to get attached?" "Where is your other half?" "Your sister is in a relationship already, so you as an elder sister should get one too!" "Oh, you must be so choosy that you ended up with nobody!"

If everything happens so spontaneously and an eligible bachelor is bestowed upon me, why not?

I don't want to end up with Mr. Wrong again and waste both my time and energy, perhaps money too! I'm sure all of you girls out there are thinking of the same thing, right? Especially when your age is catching up like me.

I guess through time, I've been quite immune to relationships already and normally my answer would be, "I'm waiting for the impossible to happen. When that day comes, I'll get married but not now. I have more important things to do." Thus, people around me will shut their mouths. Hahahaha.

As of now, I don't wanna ramble about the melancholies of my love lives but to all those who are celebrating, attached, engaged, married or even single, Happy Belated Valentine's Day! If you didn't celebrate, good for you - save tons of money and time! Hahaha.

So, V-Day for me was pretty much just like any ordinary day. Hence, I'm gonna reward myself for being a single with better stuffs over the weekend!


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