Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm an organized person!

Yes, I am!


Finally, I mean, finally, I couldn't stand the way my makeup products are stored and went out and get some mini drawers to organize my makeup. I mean, I put all the products in a bag and it's getting on my nerve whenever I'm rushing and I can't find my concealer or primer in the bag.

Grrrr... girls, don't you just hate it if you can't find your favourite lip colour in the huge makeup bag?

I know I do!

Hence... taadaah...

Mini makeup storage drawers - just enough for me to throw in my single eyeshadows, pigments, primers, etc, etc.

Best of all, only RM11.90 at Jusco!

So, lemme show you more!

On the drawers... what you can expect seeing is...

Makeup removers, nail enamels, a mini makeup bag full of lips products, falsh lashes and also brush cleanser on top of the drawers.

In the first drawer...

Blemish and pore balms, eyeshadow primer, Britney Spears' makeup palette, blushers and a pair of false lashes from Shins, Midvalley.

All pencil products are stored in the second drawer.

Physicians Formula, pencil liners from Stage and ELF, eyebrow pencil, mascaras and also UD's glitter cream liner.

In the third drawer, these are the things you'll see...

Shills Pore Heal and Hide Balm, concealers, Maquillage and also NYX palettes at the bottom. Well... those are the things that fit in the drawer.

Last but not least...

A drawer FULL of eyeshadows, pigments and glitters!

That's all for now, folks, till next time!

Imma going to the night market for now!


Isabel said...

Nice drawer! I intend to get those drawers too (not the same one lah lol) when my sis moves out as I really want to organise everything.

Btw, how is the Biore makeup remover?

Reply for Dayla eyeliner : Oh I've seen it around on the forum but it's slightly pricier at RM25 and only available in normal black & brown =( Apparently they have other colours as well but they're not the super waterproof formula.

Link for Dayla :

Angel Valerie said...

The drawer set is really good. My table is cleared in seconds! If I could get more, I would but my mini table is big enough to occupy only one. Hahaha. I'll be moving to my brother's new place by next year, hence, I cannot add more collection =.="

Biore makeup remover is good although I don't really fancy oil-based makeup remover. It removes the most stubborn waterproof mascara like magically. Very much recommended and it smells like apple!

I think I'll try Dayla eyeliner some time later. Hahaha... I've been getting a lot of Stage's eyeliners as they're great for waterline. It didn't come off even though I went shopping and walking about for like more than 8 hours!

Thanks for dropping by, Isabel!