Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sleek and Sexy

Sorry, peeps, I've been so, so down for the past few days and reluctant to get online no matter what. Spent half of my day, tormenting my poor friend's stall at Amcorp Mall because I seriously needed somebody to just be by my side. Hence, his soul has been painfully tormented by my tears and all.

Yes, I'm feeling pretty much alright by now because no matter what, life still goes on whether I like it or not.

"If someone isn't there for you anymore, you have no choice but to let him go."

Well, he will not be there any longer, so, guess it'll be pretty much me, myself and I.

Nevertheless, I shall not dwell over the past.

Lemme show you what Sleek Original Palette can do!

Sorry if I didn't do my best - those are looks without primers or anything. Furthermore, in the mid of feeling miserable, I did all those looks so, makeup is one of the cures out there for those who have gotten their hearts broken.

Look at how vibrant the colours are... gorgeous, isn't it?

Hence, now, I'm considering if I should splurge again or not? I wanna get Chaos and Graphite!

Will somebody please kill me?

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